June 30, 2014 14:45 ET

ConnecTV Acquires Social Data Venture TweetTV

Social TV Video Network Also Introduces Innovative ClipADS for Brands

EMERYVILLE, CA--(Marketwired - Jun 30, 2014) - ConnecTV (, a leading social TV video network that lets users of its free mobile app watch, clip and share the best video "moments" on television, announced today that it has acquired TweetTV (, a social analytics and TV guidance company that makes it easy to discover what's trending on TV in real-time. For networks and brands, TweetTV's deep data tracking and viewer analytics will provide new tools that show how, where and why TV video clips and ads are shared across social media.

The combined companies make it simple for viewers to discover and tune in to leading "social" shows, based on a rich database of TV-related key words merged with the Tweeting activities of 45 million people commenting about their favorite programs. Users can filter trending and guidance information by show, stars, programming genres, key words, and hash tags to find just what they want to watch on television -- then clip and share their favorite live six second snippets and share them with friends on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, email and more. 

ConnecTV also announced an innovative new advertising feature -- ClipADS -- that gives brands and their agencies an opportunity to develop bite-sized video ads that can be distributed virally across social media sites. ClipADS extend the branding experience with customized hot links to product videos, brand web sites, special promotional offers, purchase capability and more.

"ConnecTV together with TweetTV creates the most powerful social experience for TV fans -- a unique combination of TV guidance and social TV entertainment," said ConnecTV Co-founder and CEO Ian Aaron. "For brands and networks the BIG DATA filtering and reporting capabilities of TweetTV integrated with ConnecTV's viral advertising ClipADS provide a unique advantage in targeting social TV fans with the most relevant, engaging and measurable marketing experience."

"TweetTV is built for business partners -- our suite of tools can be plugged into any connected TV platform, app or website to add a powerful socially-driven layer of intelligence and presentation," said TweetTV founder Bradley Markham. "Imagine an on-screen television programming guide that's driven by what viewers are talking about in the social sphere. That's the future of Tune-In and engagement for TV fans, networks and advertisers."

ConnecTV's new ClipADS feature solves the problem of ad activation from short videos in social media. For the very first time, video clips that are traveling in the social sphere can now be used as advertising units that users can act upon with one touch. These viral, socially distributed ads with full customized functionality extend the user experience and transform branding campaigns into an innovative and interactive direct marketing experience. The Big Data integration makes ClipADS measureable and targetable. And for users, every clip will also be wrapped with rich metadata to enhance the user experience with play-by-play sports stats and deeper program information as well as top tweets related to the clips.

About ConnecTV
ConnecTV is a social video network for TV fans. The application syncs to your TV and allows you to watch the community's best video snippets or capture and share your own favorite six-second moment. Users can also manually tune to thousands of shows across hundreds of networks. The company's SocialTV Timeline®  promotes discovery of the ConnecTV community's favorite clips and enables users to like, comment and share the short videos. Every video is wrapped with rich meta-data to give users more sports stats and deeper show. For networks, ConnecTV promotes tune-in and engagement with programs and special events -- and offers innovative marketing opportunities. Every clip showcases the network, the program and descriptions of upcoming episodes. For brands, ConnecTV's new ClipADS extend the marketing experience of virally distributed branded video clips by linking to special promotions, product videos, websites, and purchase capabilities -- creating a measureable direct market capability. ConnecTV was founded by pioneering executives at the intersection of media, entertainment and technology: Ian Aaron, Alan Moskowitz and Stacy Jolna. The company has been funded by private investors and 10 U.S. television station groups.

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