October 29, 2013 10:00 ET

ConnecTV Launches Social Video Network, Driving Viewers Back to Live Television

New App Enables Users to Clip, Comment and Share Their Favorite Six Seconds While Promoting Live TV Discovery, Tune-In and Loyalty

EMERYVILLE, CA--(Marketwired - Oct 29, 2013) - ConnecTV, the new social video network for TV fans, today announced the launch of its free mobile app that allows users to clip their favorite six-second moment, add an onscreen comment, and share with their friends across Twitter, Facebook, email and more, all while watching TV in real time. ConnecTV launches today for iOS devices and will soon be available for Android.

ConnecTV is designed for all TV viewers whether they want to share their favorite six-second moment or just want to discover new shows from the engaging clips, comments and chats posted by others. The application is simple, controlled with just your thumb, and unlike other apps that post TV clips, ConnecTV does not require you to rewind your DVR, record using your smartphone's camera, or take you away from watching live TV. ConnecTV's SocialTV Timeline™ and related clips are rich with companion content, including show information, tune-in schedules, associated top tweets and play-by-play sports stats. ConnecTV is also working with major Consumer Electronics (CE) manufacturers and Multi-channel Video Service Providers (MVSP) to program your DRV or tune live to the show from any clip with a single click.

"People are capturing and sharing millions of user generated TV clips online today, but not with the fun, quality, richness and tune-in power of ConnecTV," said ConnecTV CEO Ian Aaron. "ConnecTV has the potential to transform the way viewers engage in real-time with their favorite reality and talk shows, sporting events, breaking news, scripted dramas and comedies -- even advertising will be re-imagined. Instead of tweeting, texting or posting a comment to your friends about that amazing moment on TV, now you can share it with ConnecTV."

ConnecTV has been developing its social content and video platform for over three years. The team, led by senior executives from TV Guide and TiVo have designed ConnecTV to be fun for consumers and a marketing, program promotion, and tune-in platform for movie studios and TV networks. The company has filed patents related to validating the program being watched, syncing up related content and metadata to live TV and its TVAdSync Network™. 

About ConnecTV
ConnecTV is a social video network for TV fans of all ages. The application syncs to your TV and allows you to capture and share your favorite six-second moment. The company's SocialTV Timeline™ syncs companion content and information to provide a richer social experience and help drive program promotion and tune-in to the show you are watching. ConnecTV's TV AdSync Network™ allows broadcasters, networks and advertisers the ability to synchronize related content to TV spots. ConnecTV was founded by pioneering executives at the intersection of media, entertainment and technology: Ian Aaron, Alan Moskowitz and Stacy Jolna. The company has been funded by private investors and 10 U.S. television station groups. For more information, please visit