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February 17, 2011 13:25 ET

Connectyx Technologies Announces MedFlash III: Patient - Doctor Health and Wellness Social Network Portal for Physicians

Connectyx Will Be Offering a Lifetime License and Other Incentives to 40-50 Healthcare Professionals That Join the Alpha Team Who Will Drive the Final Requirements Working With Connectyx Development Team on the New Product Platform

STUART, FL--(Marketwire - February 17, 2011) -  Connectyx Technologies Holdings Group, Inc. (PINKSHEETS: CTYX) ("Connectyx"),, manufacturer and distributor of the MedFlash®, the nation's premier Personal Health and Wellness Management System (PHM) for maintaining personal health records (PHR), announced today that it has announced its third phase of product development, MedFlash III, Patient - Doctor Health and Wellness Social Network Portal.

MedFlash Doctor/Patient Portal
MedFlash Doctor - Patient Portal will support the doctor-patient relationship by providing a communication loop that allows the doctor's office to asynchronously communicate with their patients, both individually and collectively. This loop, which will use social networking tools, will rely on a patient portal where the patient can receive communications and information from the doctor's practice, schedule appointments, record treatment compliance and receive selected health information. The doctor will benefit by being able to publish information to their patients' MedFlash portals, as well as receive selected information from their patients, all of which will increase patient satisfaction, attract new patients and save time and overhead for the healthcare practitioners.

MedFlash Customer Relationship Management

MedFlash Doctor - Patient Portal will be co-branded with the healthcare practitioner who provides it to the patient. Patients will be able to use features that consume information from other doctors and allied providers; but, the initial healthcare practitioner will remain the central focal point featured in the patient's health and wellness portal.

Role of MedFlash Doctor/Patient Portal

The patient's MedFlash portal will create the ideal communication loop between doctor and patient allowing the patient to engage in self-care between healthcare practitioner and doctor visits and enabling the back office to communicate asynchronously with patients, reducing missed appointments, misinformation, patient non‐compliance, duplicated efforts, telephone calls and unnecessary faxes.

MedFlash III Doctor - Patient Portal creates the perfect third party relationship to benefit both the patient and the doctor. By publishing selected information to the portal, the healthcare practitioner office is in control of dissemination of patient information.

The MedFlash program team will be working with an Alpha Group comprised of 40-50 healthcare professionals that will drive the final requirements during months 3 and 4 of this new innovative technology platform. MedFlash III will be able to work with various partners to bring services and opportunities to the patient members who can be turned on or off by the health care professional who provided the portal, depending on the wishes and needs of his/her specific practice. For example: MedFlash now offers an excellent Personal Health History tool for patients to use to gather information or prepare in advance of a specific doctor visit. A preventative care organization who has their own personal health history form may want to substitute that for the existing one in MedFlash while other doctors will simply benefit from the existing service. This is only one example of services MedFlash brings to the doctor-patient relationship.

Ronn Schuman, Connectyx CEO, said, "Our team has been planning and developing MedFlash III for over a year. With the addition of social network capabilities, along with many other tools that will deliver meaningful use to the health care community, we strongly believe that the value to the patient/member and the health care professional will be a win-win for consumers and their medical practitioners, coaches and caregivers. More importantly, everyone will be able to communicate through our new product prototype." Schuman added, "We believe that by enabling the public-at-large, as we are all 'consumers of healthcare,' to take a proactive role in their personal health and wellness plan along with their personal health information, we will be able to have a positive impact on effecting the critical change that is needed in today's healthcare system that relies on 'Reactive Medicine' as opposed to the much more efficient 'Team or Proactive Care.'"

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MedFlash ® Features and Benefits

The MedFlash® PHM Portal features a 24/7/365 call center, a USB flash drive and a smart phone application. The MedFlash® PHM provides additional member benefits and services including instant access to a subscriber's Emergency Medical Profile and Personal Health Record in the event of an accident or a medical emergency. First Responders such as police, emergency medical technicians (EMT's) and firefighters have access to time critical information for victims who may be comatose or unable to communicate pertinent medical history information. The MedFlash® PHM can be accessed on any computer, whether in an ambulance or an emergency room, securely and with complete privacy. Lifestyle and wellness features are delivered to members that have the potential to result in significant health benefits to members following the healthcare advice. With the increasing focus on cutting costs and risk mitigation by both employers and insurers, the MedFlash offers a low cost addition to the various initiatives necessary for maintaining and reducing costs of current healthcare delivery systems. For more information, see

About Connectyx

Connectyx provides unique products for the healthcare market including MedFlash®, the electronic Personal Health Manager (ePHM). Compatible with Google Health and Microsoft's Health Vault, the MedFlash® ePHM is an easy-to-use Personal Health and Lifestyle Manager that is accessible using a powerful web portal suite. The MedFlash® ePHM portal also features a 24/7/365 call center, a USB flash drive and a smart phone application. The MedFlash® ePHM provides member benefits including instant access to your Emergency Medical Profile and Personal Health Record in the event of an accident or a medical emergency. Whether traveling, at work, or at home, First Responders have an invaluable advantage when they have access to this time critical information. Far more than just an emergency flash drive the MedFlash® PHM can be accessed on any computer, securely and with complete privacy. There are also lifestyle and wellness features that provide significant health benefits to members and risk mitigation for employers and insurers alike. Connectyx products are developed with the needs of patients, families, doctors and First Responders in mind. For more information, please visit our websites at: and

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