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Connotate, Inc.

April 23, 2014 08:30 ET

Connotate Launches Connotate4

Leading Provider of Intelligent Web Scraping Makes It Easier Than Ever to Collect and Transform Webdata for Strategic Business Use

NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ--(Marketwired - Apr 23, 2014) - Connotate, the enterprise-grade datapipe for Web-sourced information, or Webdata, today announced an update of its core technology that simplifies and streamlines the Webdata extraction process and assures complete coverage of today's highly dynamic websites.

At the center of Connotate4 is a custom browser that leverages the industry standard Webkit engine, which powers leading browsers like Safari and Chrome. "Combining Connotate's best-in-class patented machine-learning algorithms with our browser cements our position as the industry-leading web extraction technology," said Connotate CEO Keith Cooper. "With nearly two-thirds of websites utilizing JavaScript, Ajax and other browser-interaction technologies, traditional methods of Webdata extraction are no longer sufficient. The custom browser lets Connotate4 act exactly as a user would when browsing a website, so even the most complex sites can be handled without the need to write code. This approach scales beautifully to handle high-volume extraction and also lets us 'future-proof' the platform, ensuring compatibility with whatever new technologies may arise on the Web for years to come."

Connotate has six (6) patents that support its Web data extraction technology. Connotate's core technology is based on visual abstraction techniques that allow machines to view Web pages as humans do, enabling high-volume extraction of data from Web pages to be automated through a point-and-click interface. And because Agents are not relying on HTML code to find the data to extract, they can easily adjust to moderate site changes without breaking.

"Connotate4 allows us to scale in ways we could never do before. Monitoring pricing and product details on hundreds of thousands of product pages went from a multi-week process down to a half-day process, using the new parallelization features," said Connotate COO, Tom Williams. "For example, clients using Connotate4 for very large extracts of competitive and pricing intelligence can now see changes across the commerce spectrum on a daily basis, allowing them to react and respond in near-real time."

In addition to the custom browser at the center of Connotate4, there are several other core features:

  • Inline data transformations within the Agent development process is a powerful new capability that will ease data integration and customization.
  • Enhanced change detection with highlighting can be requested during the Agent development process via a simple point-and-click checkbox, enabling highlighted change detection that is easily illustrated at the character, word or phrase level.
  • Parallel extraction tasks makes it faster to complete tasks, allowing even more scalability for even larger extractions.
  • Build and expand capabilities turns the act of re-using a single Agent for related extraction tasks a one-click event, allowing for faster Agent creation.
  • A simplified user interface enabling simplified and faster Agent development.

The new release allows Connotate's intelligent extraction Agents to access about 95 percent of Webdata. And, the adaptive platform can quickly accommodate new Web properties and technologies as they emerge -- providing the ability to scale far beyond the competitive landscape.

Existing customers of Connotate's hosted solution will not be affected by the introduction of this new platform. On-premises customers will be migrated on an as-needed basis.

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