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November 30, 2006 09:12 ET

Conserve Water and Save on Your Water Bills With the Revolutionary Cyber-Rain Smart Sprinkler Controller

OAK PARK, CA -- (MARKET WIRE) -- November 30, 2006 --According to a study conducted by the American Water Works Association Research Foundation, 58 percent of water usage is used outdoors and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) states that more than 40 U.S. states now have some type of water conservation program. Every day millions of gallons of precious fresh water are wasted because outdated sprinkler times run the same schedule, summer or winter, rain or shine. Designed to conserve water and provide year-round savings on your water bill, the Cyber-Rain XCI ( eight-zone sprinkler controller system was introduced to provide consumers an easy-to-use computerized system to manage your yard's watering needs. It is the most effective solution for cities and communities with severe water shortages.

The Cyber-Rain XCI sprinkler controller is a ground breaking system that for the first time combines the power of the PC, the internet, and the latest wireless technology to automatically manage a homeowner's watering schedule based on weather conditions to save water and money. No other controller in the market combines all these features in such an easy to use system.

Some of the benefits of the Cyber-Rain XCI include:

-- "Smart" PC-based Software: Easy-to-use, the software allows you to
    set your watering schedule in minutes.  Additional features of the
    software are:

    -- Daily Weather Checks: The system will automatically check your
       local weather forecast several times a day via the internet and
       makes adjustments in your watering schedule. If the forecast is
       for rain, the system will stop watering for 24 hours.

    -- Automatic Water Savings: After every weather check, the
       system will change the percentage of watering each zone needs,
       based on the humidity and precipitation forecasted in your area.

    -- Cycle and Soak Feature:  Water runoff is a major source of
       water waste.  Cyber-Rain breaks the watering schedule into Cycle &
       Soak segments to eliminate runoff.  Users can customize the pattern
       for each zone individually depending on the type of soil or slope
       of your yard.

    -- Watering Index:  A guideline used to adjust your watering schedule
       based on seasonal changes. Calculates percentage of water needed in
       your area based on seasonality and number of minutes currently
       programmed for each zone.  Cyber-Rain uses the Watering Index table
       if your PC is offline.

    -- Sod and Seed and Fertilizing Features: Allows you to temporarily
       increase the percentage of water in a specific zone and will
       gradually and automatically return to the normal schedule.

    -- Tracks Water Usage:  The controller wirelessly reports to the PC
       every time each sprinkler comes on.  You can use the activity
       report for fine tuning your schedule or keeping track of water
       usage for individual zones.

 -- Wireless Compatibility:  The system uses your USB port and connects
    wirelessly to your sprinkler controller and automatically transmits
    changes in the watering schedule.  The system utilizes a state-of-
    the-art bidirectional wireless technology.  The controller also
    wirelessly transmits reports of its activities to your PC for
    tracking and reporting.

 -- Zone Naming: No longer do you have to wonder which zone is for the
    front yard or for your roses. Now, you can name each zone and it will
    be displayed on Cyber-Rain's LCD screen.

 -- Unlimited Zone Additions:  By purchasing additional controllers, more
    zones can be added and the same software is used to manage all zones.
Cyber-Rain XCI is currently available online at and is priced at $295 for the first sprinkler controller system. Additional controllers are available for $245. Payments can be made securely by credit cards or via PayPal. The system comes with a one-year warranty.

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Cyber-Rain, a division of Showcase Innovations Inc., manufactures residential and industrial smart sprinkler controllers providing water conservation features using easy-to-use computer software. Showcase Innovations, Inc. is headquartered in Oak Park, Calif.

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