SOURCE: Consolidated Streaming, Inc.

August 17, 2005 09:15 ET

Consolidated Streaming Inc. Retains Wi-Fi TV Inc. Under Consulting Agreement, Collaborates With Wi-Fi TV Inc. on New Online Television Web Site

BOCA RATON, FL -- (MARKET WIRE) -- August 17, 2005 -- Consolidated Streaming Inc. (OTC: CSEMF) announced that it has retained Wi-Fi TV Inc. (OTC: WVTV) for services under a consulting agreement dated August 17, 2005. As a result of the agreement, Consolidated Streaming and Wi-Fi TV Inc. will seek to work together in a number of areas.

"We have worked closely with Wi-Fi TV Inc. in the development of the design and technology for the new live online television web site. We look forward to exploring joint ways of marketing the content and technology contained on the website," said Keith Friedman, Chairman and CEO of Consolidated Streaming Inc.

The services which WFTV agrees to provide under the agreement include the following:

(a)  identifying revenue-sharing opportunities on Wi-Fi TV Inc. and other
of its web properties;

(b)  content licensing and sharing opportunities whereby Consolidated
Streaming can deliver Wi-Fi TV Inc. content from its channels on a revenue-
shared basis;

(c)  providing advice and recommendations with respect to the
identification, packaging, marketing, and distribution of specific pieces
of content to be delivered via streaming video and audio over the Internet;

(d)  providing advice and recommendations on advertising, promotional and
cross-marketing opportunities for Consolidated Streaming in connection with
its produced content;

(e)  assisting Consolidated Streaming to refine its business and marketing
plans, and to review such strategic relationships, joint ventures,
acquisitions or other transactions in which it may become involved from
time to time; and

(f)  advising Consolidated Streaming on various matters within its
As part of the agreement, Consolidated Streaming has agreed to deliver to Wi-Fi TV 15,000,000 shares of its common stock, in consideration for services to be provided to it and 500,000 shares of Wi-Fi TV common stock.

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Wi-Fi TV, Inc. offers free local, long distance and global telephone service with its Wi-Fi TV virtual dialer and 200 free one-click Wi-Fi TV content channels at Wi-Fi TV, Inc. ( ( has a history of innovation in online content delivery and plans to quantify the value of this unique experience, now that high-speed Internet delivery is becoming available to millions of consumers around the world. Wi-Fi TV draws on the latest IPTV technology and ten years of experience in the delivery of video over the Internet in launching its new service.

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