Office de consultation publique de Montréal

Office de consultation publique de Montréal

August 23, 2007 08:54 ET

Consultation Report on the Pierrefonds-Roxboro Borough Chapter of the City Plan and on the Draft Conformity Bylaws Aligned with the Urban Plan Bylaw

MONTREAL, QUEBEC--(Marketwire - Aug. 23, 2007) - The Office de consultation publique de Montreal (OCPM) today made public the consultation report on the Pierrefonds-Roxboro borough chapter of Montreal's city plan and on the draft conformity bylaws aligned with the urban plan bylaw. Office chairperson, Louise Roy, indicated that this is the first time that elected borough officials ask to submit the strategic plan for a complete public examination by the Office. In itself, this action is worth highlighting. About 50 residents took part in the information meetings, nine persons spoke and six briefs were presented. A lot of information on the choices proposed was presented to the Commission and to the public by the borough via the Office's web site.

For the Commission, the Pierrefonds-Roxboro area presents critical assets for the local community and for the future of all of the Island of Montreal, in way of conservation of the natural environment as well as residential and commercial development. The area holds one of the last large sections of land to be developed. Reiterating some of the comments expressed during the meetings, the Commission has sought to position the borough among the leaders in sustainable development.

The commissioners' main recommendation concerns the importance of creating a particular urban plan for the western sector of the borough. The ecological value and the strong potential for development in this sector raise environmental, economic and social questions that merit a closer examination. The Commission also noted that the means of transportation to be favoured for this sector represents a challenge and that a sudden development could make vehicle traffic worse on borough streets and throughways. Moreover, the commissioners believe that increased cooperation with neighbouring municipalities and boroughs would help optimize the decisions taken.

The Commission recommends that the borough chapter of the city plan be adopted with certain amendments, especially concerning the west sector of Pierrefonds for which the Commission recommends that the existing zoning be maintained until such time as a special urban plan can be adopted. The Commission also recommends that guidelines on the balance between employment and housing units be included in the detailed plan as well as guidelines on sustainable development. The Commission also identified some special cases which were closely examined for bylaw amendments.

Finally, the Commission generally feels that a borough chapter of the city plan and the amendments to zoning bylaws should not the included in a single consultation. The plan offers a vision of the future, an orientation and major development policies while zoning bylaws touch on concrete measures affecting the area's urbanization. It would be therefore better to hold separate public consultations on these measures.

The consultation report is available on the Office de consultation publique web site ( Hard copies are also available at the Office headquarters at 1550 Metcalfe Street, suite 1414 (Telephone: 514-872-3568). An English version of the report will be available in the next few days.

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