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April 11, 2016 05:00 ET

Consumer Health Connections Drives Bold Changes in Workers' Compensation Through Telehealth

MILWAUKEE, WI--(Marketwired - April 11, 2016) - Consumer Health Connections (CHC) is making bold strides to propel workers' compensation into the next generation of claims and case management.

CHC is a technology company that offers innovative, cloud-based solutions tailored for the workers' compensation industry. A portion of which includes HIPAA compliant telehealth software with embedded claim and case management features.

Components of CHC's solution include an automated workflow and tracking system for capturing pertinent analytics, automated scheduling, web and mobile accessibility, and hardware interface. Using cloud-computing technology, their customized telemedicine application functions as a virtual care system, complete with video and audio communication capabilities and endless reporting potential.

Jill Allen, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of CHC, has spent the majority of her career in the workers' compensation arena. She also holds a BS in Business Management, an MS in Health Service Administration, and is a Registered Nurse. She diligently assembled a team of industry leaders committed to launch the company. 2015 was a year of research, development and collaboration. Jill's drive, passion, and superior product offering enabled her to quickly raise the first $1 million in investment funding. Her extensive experience developing cutting-edge programs makes her the perfect leader for this new age of worker's compensation technology. 

CHC is ready to change the paradigm and deliver this innovative solution to a worker's compensation industry burdened with inefficiencies and gaps that make managing claims challenging. Today, over $1.24 billion is spent every week on workers' compensation direct costs alone. By creating a real-time communication portal, Jill ensures large savings in both time and money.

Jill is confident the integration of CHC into current workplace settings will be seamless and well received. Previously error-prone, laborious tasks can now be automated and integrated into any work setting.

"With my extensive background in worker's comp, I understand the challenges within the industry and the opportunities for improvement from the provider, carrier, and employer perspective," stated Jill. "We built a strong platform at an attractive price point that delivers value and a competitive advantage for clients. It is exciting for me to know that remote and transient workers will have no barriers to accessing healthcare professionals when they need them."

Watch CHC's video provided here to see how this product is a market game changer.

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