June 05, 2015 03:17 ET

Consumer Protection Services Lead by Nick Perzichilli Reveals Solution to Personal Data Privacy Crisis

LOS ANGELES, CA--(Marketwired - Jun 5, 2015) - Consumer Protection Services Corporation ( has developed a state-of-the-art solution that allows consumers to protect their personal data: "Our product is an innovation that cannot be compared to any other data protection approach the world has seen so far," states Consumer Protection Services CEO and Chairman, Nick Perzichilli. "It is simple, smart, and secure. It rigorously scans the marketplace to help keep Consumers Personal Information off unsecure lists that are sold, brokered and shared."

Back in the 1960s, people associated the term "Spam" with canned meat, but today, we think of unwanted emails that clog our mailboxes with irrelevant content and it does not stop there. Junk mail clutters our postal mailboxes, telephone marketers call our phones with seemingly alluring marketing promises, and our mobile phones frequently beep because we get yet another advertising text message from an unknown sender. The more we get connected to each other and to the world through the Internet and smartphones, the more we get bombarded with junk mail, often without knowing how the senders got a hold of our contact information to begin with. According to a study by the Pew Research Center published earlier this month, an overwhelming majority of Americans feel that they have lost control over their personal data. Meanwhile, 93% of questioned adults stated that being in control over who can access information about them was important to them.

Looking at current statistics, the need for such a solution is undeniable: Viruses, Trojans, illegal scams, and other harmful content are all unfortunate side effects of being connected to the online world. These electronic threats spread quickly and have the potential to cause monumental and often permanent damage. The Federal Communications Commission has received hundreds of thousands of complaints about unwanted marketing calls and texts to home and cell phones and more than 100 billion pieces of unsolicited commercial mail make their way into US Postal Mailboxes every year, wasting tons of paper, harming the environment, and pestering the recipient.

The US government is well aware of these issues and has been trying to limit the overflow of spam to a manageable amount. The most prominent example amongst those efforts is probably the so-called "Do-Not-Call List," which was established in 2003 under the Telephone Consumer Protection Act. But given the sheer endless number of eager marketers trying to promote their products and especially the immense rate at which technology is changing, opening up more and different channels through which spam is distributed, it requires savvy IT experts to keep up with the newly arising challenges. In the case of Consumer Protection Services, one of these experts is COO Todd Sheldon, who is excited about the amazing advances his company has made in recent months: "I've worked with technology all my life and have not come across a startup with as dynamic of a product as we have. And given the current Personal Data Privacy Crisis we are facing, the timing could not be better for consumers."

Key features of the new advanced iLock product include EmailLock, PhoneLock, and PostalLock, which help consumers prevent their email addresses, phone numbers, and postal information from remaining on marketing lists. "Our approach is based on five vital pillars, which we call the 'FIVE SMART Layers of Defense,'" Perzichilli explains. "Those layers are: Surveillance, Monitoring, Automation, Removal, and Tracking." Consumer Protection Services safeguards the personal information of their clients from being sold, brokered, or shared by solicitations they did not sign up for. If it turns out that a company illegally solicited a client, relevant information is forwarded to various governing institutions and the solicitor is stamped using a virtual footprint. "We have developed a truly comprehensive solution for today's personal data protection issues," Perzichilli announces proudly. "It is fundamentally different from any other product on the market."

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