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December 09, 2010 02:05 ET

Consumer Research: Diesel Fleets Find Relief at the Pumps With New Technology From National Fuelsaver

BOSTON, MA--(Marketwire - December 9, 2010) - If necessity is the mother of invention, then Entrepreneurship is the father. High fuel prices can either make or break a small fleet owner in America today. It is because of these high fuel prices that Entrepreneurs seek new and better technologies to provide the market with solutions.

"Unheard of... The price of a barrel hit a raging $90.00 during the holidays. In history these prices have never reached these heights in America during the holiday season," says John Bush of Reno, Nevada. The one who is impacted most is drivers. In fact, even the summer price of a barrel, when prices usually peak, hasn't reached such a high price in two years.

"The small fleet owner is the hardest hit as his or her ability to profit is greatly influenced by the price of fuel. The small diesel fleet owners are always on the lookout for new technologies that cut costs and increase profits," says Justin Clark of Greener Planet Enterprises. Until recently, diesel fleet owners had very few options that were affordable or convenient to install. "Retrofit-aftermarket products that work consistently are rare and difficult to find," continues Clark. "We are fortunate to have crossed paths with this technology when we did. Combined with our existing technologies, the Platinum Fuelsaver has been a big lift in performance for our customer base." 

One fleet owner, exasperated, says, "They can put a man on the moon, but they can't make a truck that gets reasonable fuel economy." In a world of cell phones, laser technology, and high tech Bluetooth capabilities transferring info via satellite, one would think that a viable fuel savings device would surface. Somewhere. Clark expects to deliver that solution with his combined technology strategy he calls the "Ultimate Engine Solution." Clark's strategy addresses each part of the engine in a different way to supply the best possible savings on fuel, parts, labor costs, and reduced downtime.

Until now, this Platinum induction device was only available for automobiles that burn gasoline. The reason being is that the only way to enhance combustion with this Platinum induction product was to inject the Platinum aerosol into the air intake of an engine that had significant vacuum. Well, gasoline engines have a strong engine vacuum. Unfortunately for the truck fleets, which make American commerce possible, Diesel Trucks do not have a strong vacuum. So the technology could not work in a diesel environment.

"Consequently, in order for the same Platinum technology to work for diesel engines, a pumping mechanism was developed to compensate for the lack of vacuum power on a diesel machine. This discovery has led to a big breakthrough for Diesel Fleet Owners; a discovery that will carry many who seek profits by cutting costs, from the red line of losses to the green line of profits," says Justin Clark of Greener Planet Enterprises.

The technology is called catalyst combustion produced by manufacturer National Fuelsaver. In short the technology takes the same concept of a catalytic converter and transplants that catalytic effect inside the engine, therefore causing a more complete combustion turning the pollution into profits.

The manufacturer states that the new diesel product is moving out the door so quickly that there is a shortage of installers around the country to keep up with the visceral demand. Greener Planet Enterprises has now been selected by National Fuelsaver to identify and qualify experienced installers to feed the supply chain.

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