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October 01, 2013 10:49 ET

Consumerized Technologies Playing an Ever Increasing Role in Enterprise IT; Yet Retailers Ill-Equipped to Leverage Their Impact According to New Research Study From EKN

RANDOLPH, NJ--(Marketwired - Oct 1, 2013) - Retailers are rapidly trying to understand the opportunities and drawbacks of consumer based technologies inside the business enterprise, according to a new research report from EKN, Consumerization of IT; Personal Devices & Software in the Retail Enterprise. According to the new study, sponsored by Aerohive Networks and Tata Consultancy Services, retailers see the benefits of utilizing consumerized technology, both from a device and a services perspective, in the enterprise. However, the study reveals most retailers are in a nascent stage of determining strategies to leverage those benefits. The study is available for download here.

The EKN report outlines ways retailers should be addressing the consumer technology revolution throughout the enterprise and highlights short, medium, and long term strategies retailers can take to fully leverage this new age.

Key findings of the report include:

Smartphones and consumerized services are the driving forces of consumerization of IT: Retailers' employees' expectations from enterprise IT are increasingly shaped by the higher quality experience they receive when using personal technology such as smartphones, tablets and consumerized services (such as web-based email, social networking platforms, VOIP tools, instant messaging among others). Their preference to use personal devices over company provided ones and the frequency of use of these devices and consumerized services for work is what is driving this dynamic shift in behavior and expectations.

  • Retailers recognize the need to integrate consumerized technology into the workplace, and see employee satisfaction as a driver: Retailers are unanimous in their recognition of the value of integrating consumerized technology in the enterprise with significant positive impact expected across areas such as employee satisfaction, communication, business agility and productivity. Allowing employees to use their own devices was seen as a way to increase productivity. 

  • Bring-Your-Own-Device (BYOD) is an important, but not the only part of retailers' strategy to embrace consumerization: It would be myopic of retailers to view BYOD as the only possible way to integrate personal and consumerized technology into the workplace. Beyond BYOD there are opportunities for retailers to consider consumerized technology as part of enterprise technology ecosystem (for instance in areas such as mobile POS, digital signage among others) and applying principles of consumerized technology to enterprise IT (including user interface improvements, Software-as-a-Service deployment models and improving application performance).

"The intuitiveness, responsiveness, reliability and cost-effectiveness of technology from their personal lives has conditioned employees to expect the same from their employers' information technology systems," said Gaurav Pant, Research Director for EKN. "Managing this consumerization of technology requires a holistic approach that goes beyond allowing employees to use their personal devices for work. It means building a long-term approach to integrating consumerized technologies into the enterprise technology ecosystem, as well as applying the design, architecture and user-engagement innovations of such technologies to improve how technology is built, optimized and delivered in the enterprise."

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