September 12, 2012 09:00 ET

Consumers Obsess Over Oreos and Swoon for Subway: NetBase Brand Passion Indices Analyze Men and Women's Most Craved Cookie Brands

MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA--(Marketwire - Sep 12, 2012) - NetBase, the Enterprise Social Intelligence (ESI) Platform company, today unveiled the latest installment of its What Women Want study, an analysis of more than 27 billion conversations in social media over a one-year period to discover the top ten things that men and women want. Food items comprise 80 percent of both top ten lists, and this month's Brand Passion Index (BPI) focuses on cookies, and the associated emotions, opinions and behaviors expressed by men and women in social media.

While men and women have disagreed about multiple topics throughout the What Women Want series, this week's BPI analysis showed that they agree when it comes to confections. Oreo cookies generated the largest share of buzz for both genders, with 64 percent of women's conversations and 69 percent of men's overall cookie conversations. Oreo's Net Sentiment and Passion Intensity metrics scored on the low end, placing Oreo in the center of the BPI charts attached. The analysis shows that women love topping Oreos with peanut butter, while men crave Oreos as a late night snack.

The most loved cookie was also the same for both genders, although not a brand typically associated with the sweet snack. Subway's cookies emerged as the dominant cookie brand. The sandwich shop's cookies generated a Passion Intensity of 100 and a Net Sentiment of 84 from the females, prompting comments, posts and tweets about the addictive nature of the white chocolate macadamia and chocolate chip cookies. Subway received a Passion Intensity of 91 and a Net Sentiment of 80 from the men who raved about the freshness of the chocolate and peanut butter cookies. Other brands featured were Girl Scout cookies, Keebler, Pillsbury, Chips Ahoy, Thin Mints, Starbucks cookies, Double Stuf Oreos, Otis Spunkmeyer, and Famous Amos.

Women on Oreo cookies:

Oreos and peanut butter sound so good right now. #beyondgood

I'm really craving peanut butter & oreos. #omg

Oreos topped with peanut of my favorite snacks :).

Men on Oreo cookies:

Oreos are the best late night snack

Oreos are such a great late night snack. #yum

Oreos and milk is probably the best late night snack known to man. #delicious

Women on Subway cookies:

Subway's chocolate chip cookies are the best kind of cookies !! #addict

I think I'm addicted to Subway's chocolate chip cookies.

Love white chocoloate macadamia cookies from Subway!

I love cookies from Subway :). #whitechocolatechipmacadamia

Men on Subway cookies:

RT @TheMattyB251: Subway cookies are by far the best cookies ever made. They are always soft... #Subwayeatfresh

High point of my day when they have freshly baked cookies ready (@ Subway)

Freshly baked Subway cookies straight from the oven. #NOM

Subway's peanut butter cookies are phenomenal. #justsoyouknow

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