July 16, 2008 07:00 ET

Consumers Pay Up to 60% Less for Ensurall's Discounted Extended Warranties for Cars, Trucks and SUVs

MARKHAM, ONTARIO--(Marketwire - July 16, 2008) -

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With high gas prices and the increasing cost of owning a vehicle, many Canadians are looking for ways to save money -- whether they're buying a new car, a used car, or maintaining their present vehicle.

But one area is often overlooked by consumers in their quest to save money on a vehicle. "Typically warranties are bought from dealerships, but consumers can save a bundle on extended car warranties if they do some comparison shopping on the Internet," says Shadi Jarjoura, director of sales for Ensurall, one of Canada's leading car warranty providers.

Ensurall sells upgraded and extended service contracts identical to those sold by car dealerships and other warranty providers. It sells warranties directly to consumers at discount prices of up to 60% less because the company markets their products over the Internet. "Not only does Ensurall offer the best prices to consumers," says Jarjoura, "we also offer a diverse range of extended auto warranties whether it's just Powertrain or complete bumper-to-bumper coverage."

Contact Ensurall to get you covered! Buy direct and save money by calling 1 (800) 358-8164 or email mailto:info@ensurall.com or online at http://www.ensurall.com/ for a comprehensive, free quote.

An Ensurall customer from Ottawa recently saved $5,000 on an extended four-year warranty for his Land Rover by comparing prices on the Internet and then buying his warranty from Ensurall. "He almost dropped the phone considering he was just quoted $9,000 for a three-year warranty through his dealership, while we were able to provide a quote of $4,000 for Ensurall's upgraded 4-year/ Supplementary 5-Star Warranty that even covers brakes," Jarjoura recounts. "Because we cut out the middleman, our warranties are cheaper and consumers get a much better price."

Ensurall Warranty Plans

Ensurall offers three levels of warranty protection in Canada: Powertrain Plus, Supplementary 5-Star and Bumper-to-Bumper, plus an Optional Plan. Ensurall is highly regarded in the automotive industry for its high level of customer service providing fast, hassle-free warranty claims payment.

Ensurall's Powertrain Plus Warranty Plan provides comprehensive coverage for a vehicle's Powertrain, including engine, transmission, differential and transaxle, plus vehicle and towing allowance. Ideal for older model vehicles.


Ensurall's Supplementary 5-Star Warranty Plan is the most inclusive mid-range component warranty you can buy in the industry. Ideal for newer vehicles, this plan includes all of the mechanical components for mid-range coverage. Excellent value!


Ensurall's Bumper-to-Bumper Warranty Plan is simply the best level of coverage you can get. Offers total care and worry-free coverage for your vehicle. With few exclusions, every component and part of your car, truck or SUV is covered.


Ensurall's Optional Plan - also referred as wrap-around coverage - provides optional add-ons so consumers can top-up coverage on their cars, trucks and SUVs. Optional coverage includes such items as air conditioning, electric system, fuel injection, ABS brakes, and more. Optional coverage components can be added to any existing warranty whether it's an Ensurall product, a competitor's or a manufacturer's warranty. Perfect for consumers who want to extend their manufacturer's warranty beyond the standard 3 Year Bumper-to-Bumper/ 5 Year Powertrain plan. Consumers can save up to 60% by buying an extended warranty from Ensurall rather than their car dealership.

Ensurall's Auto News & Notes

As a service to its customers, Ensurall issues a monthly newsletter, Ensurall's Auto News & Notes, providing helpful information on buying new or used cars in Canada and the U.S., tips on saving fuel, updates in the auto industry and more.


Buying a Vehicle in the U.S.

Internet shopping is leading Canadians to U.S. dealerships for their new or used car purchases. Canadians can save 25% or more on a car purchased in the U.S. and imported into Canada. But many of these vehicles, even if purchased brand new, have no warranty coverage because many manufacturers are voiding warranties of U.S. vehicles once they are registered in Canada as a means of discouraging Canadians from buying cars in the U.S. to protect Canadian dealerships. Ensurall provides warranty coverage both on new and used vehicles bought in the U.S. Contact Ensurall to get you covered at 1 (800) 358-8164 or mailto:info@ensurall.com to find out more.

Helpful websites when buying a new or used vehicle in the U.S.:





About Ensurall

Ensurall(i)/Garantie V.C. (Quebec warranty division) is the only Canadian auto warranty company for new and used vehicles that sells extensive vehicle warranties directly to the public at discount prices.

Ensurall is part of the Veri-Cheque Family of Companies, established in 1978, and Canada's pioneering company in the financial risk management field. Veri-Cheque Ltd. specializes in accounts receivable and cheque guarantees protecting Canadian wholesalers, manufacturers and retailers from unexpected bad debt losses.


Veri-Cheque, with offices in Vancouver, Thornhill and Montreal, takes pride in its untarnished history of claim payment covering four decades. High standards are maintained throughout the organization in all of Veri-Cheque's branches and divisions:

- Ensurall http://www.ensurall.com/;


- Garantie V.C (Quebec warranty division) http://www.garantievc.ca/

- BikeRegistryCanada (national bicycle registry program returning recovered lost and stolen bicycles to their rightful owners) http://www.bikeregistrycanada.com/

- Louron Developments and Place Le Quartier, (a condominium redevelopment project in Montreal).http://www.placelequartier.com/

(i)Ensurall is a member of the Better Business Bureau /http://www.bbb.org/. Warranties are backed by L'Unique General Insurance Company (O.P.C. License Number 500056).

Contact Ensurall to get you covered! Save money by calling 1 (800) 358 8164 or email mailto:info@ensurall.com for a fast, free quote. Open Monday to Friday: 9:00AM to 5:00PM (Eastern Standard Time). Call Toll Free 24 Hours Daily to leave a message or request a quote at http://www.ensurall.com.

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