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August 14, 2012 09:00 ET

Consumers Trust Amazon, Apple and Google Most With Their Information

ClickFox Consumer Data Audit Highlights New Trends in Personal Data Management

ATLANTA, GA--(Marketwire - Aug 14, 2012) - ClickFox, the pioneering leader in experience analytics, today announced the results of a recent survey exploring consumer's data management preferences within organizations. The results indicated that consumers embrace location services in marketing campaigns, are wary of data use among retailers and trust the financial services industry most with personal information, followed by healthcare and government in second and third, respectively. Amazon, Apple and Google were revealed as the most trustworthy organizations with regards to consumer data management.

"Unsurprisingly, the retail industry receives poor marks for consumer trust and this can often be attributed to consumer engagement that tends to solely focus on the sale," said Marco Pacelli, chief executive officer, ClickFox. "Companies get customer service right when they begin to analyze every customer touch point to get a clear picture of customer satisfaction -- unfortunately, most organizations don't know they've burned consumers until their revenues drop."

Welcoming location-based marketing and opportunities to improve customer experience
The findings suggest that consumer acceptance of location-based marketing has increased, as 71 percent noted they would share their location for giveaways, discounts or improved service, and 71 percent revealed they are comfortable with companies knowing their location. The survey also suggests that most customers (84 percent) prefer organizations to use their data to improve their customer experience.

Additionally, the study revealed that 83 percent of respondents expect companies they do business with to know their purchase and retail history, and 82 percent expect companies to know past consumer experiences, which highlights the need for more advanced analytics tools for customer engagement.

Additional survey findings reveal:

  • Cell phones emerge as a new preferred personal identifier
    • 19 percent of respondents are most comfortable with organizations using their cell phone number as a personal identifier second only to personal security question at 43 percent
  • Consumers contradict themselves when reporting preferences regarding shopping behavior
    • 59 percent of respondents value personal identifiers such as social security, home address and phone numbers more than their behavioral habits like purchase history, shopping preferences and service history.
    • 84 percent of respondents expect companies to know purchase and retail history and 82 percent expect companies to know previous customer experiences.
  • Consumers warm up to sharing cellular number and purchase history across businesses
    • 41 percent of respondents would provide cell phone numbers for giveaways, discounts or improved service, and 49 percent are comfortable with companies knowing their cell phone number
    • 45 percent of respondents would share purchase history from other companies they do business with for giveaways, discounts or improved service, and 40 percent are comfortable with companies knowing their purchase history across organizations with whom they do business

ClickFox recommends the following considerations for improved customer experience and management of consumer data:

1. Capitalize on the capabilities of Big Data to connect and analyze data across informational silos.
2. Use data in a way that visibly benefits consumers, such as providing better service and offering new products.
3. Be open to using new or multiple personal identifiers to keep records accurate.
4. Look to location- and mobile-based engagement as an extension of customer experience.
5. Ensure consistent customer experiences for better customer engagement.

The ClickFox 2012 Consumer Data Audit evaluated 172 consumers about their preferences and perceptions of how companies use data recorded during customer interactions in July 2012. Respondents were 65 percent male and 35 percent female representing a wide range of age groups: 18-25 (4 percent), 16-35 (18 percent), 36-45 (33 percent) and 46 and older (46 percent).

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