December 20, 2011 11:24 ET

CONSUMIAMI 2012 Visits the Americas and Counts on Political and Business Leaders of Latin America for Their Support

Angelino Garzon, Vice President of Colombia, Confirms His Attendance

MIAMI, FL--(Marketwire - Dec 20, 2011) - With just three months before it takes place, CONSUMIAMI 2012, the first consumer fair in Florida, will become a cornerstone event in the Americas, according to political and business leaders. This fair, organized by Ausbanc and sponsored by the City of Miami and Miami Dade College, will take place in Miami on March 19-24, 2012, the ideal location for consumers of South Florida and Latin America.

"I find it very interesting that an international event of this magnitude is being put together," said Doris Quezada, Consulate General of Guatemala. "CONSUMIAMI 2012 will benefit Miami consumers as well as businesses with international ties."

Delegates of Ausbanc, headed by President Luis Pineda and Hermenegildo Garcia, Ausbanc's Institutional Relations Director, continue touring Latin America, meeting with political leaders and local media to promote CONSUMIAMI 2012, and discuss the current economic climate and the financial system's vulnerabilities, and how these issues affect regional consumers.

Colombia's Vice President, Angelino Garzon, met with Ausbanc's representatives in Bogota and highlighted the importance of CONSUMIAMI, confirming his attendance at two of the fair's events, including its inaugural day.

The response towards CONSUMIAMI 2012 has surpassed all expectations. Local, regional and international leaders all agree that this kind of initiative has been long overdue. The goal is to create awareness among the public on the changes the private sector must undergo.

In Uruguay, Pineda and Garcia had the opportunity to meet and exchange thoughts with local congressmen and other key players, and get to know more in detail about the state of the country's financial system and their consumer rights programs.

"CONSUMIAMI 2012 will be a one-of-a-kind event, which I completely support because it will benefit the people from my country who are residents of the United States and all Hispanics in Miami, giving them the opportunity to learn about their rights as consumers," explained Juan Luis Nilo, General Consulate of Chile in Miami.

As part of their continental tour, Ausbanc's executives also traveled to Argentina where they met with Maria Ramirez Cellerino, Director of the Consumer Protection Bureau, and other important leaders of the South American country.

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