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January 20, 2010 11:46 ET

Contact Solutions Launches Analysis for Executives That Expedites Contact Center Savings

Report Proactively Identifies Opportunities to Increase and Quicken Cost Savings

RESTON, VA--(Marketwire - January 20, 2010) - Contact Solutions, a leading provider of on-demand contact automation solutions including IVR, email/text messaging and web transactions for business and government, announces today that it has launched its Continuous Improvement Recommendation Report for contact center leaders.

This standard offering arms executives with actionable recommendations, in real time, that can have an immediate impact on the bottom line. For the first time, executives can access detailed descriptions and projected dollar savings by application, as well as recommended enhancements.

The report also identifies key project participants responsible for expediting resolution and results for each recommendation. Contact center leaders can set parameters for notifications, such as when a particular savings recommendation has aged a certain time-period or reached a certain dollar amount.

The report is game-changing because it serves as a "savings pipeline," providing the justification for recommendations that will improve customer satisfaction, fortify self-service channels, and increase margins.

"We care about our customers' savings, and our Continuous Improvement Recommendations Report is a proof point," says Paul Logan, Contact Solutions CEO. "Never before have executives had real-time data like this, allowing them to take immediate action, tear down obstacles, and reap the benefits quickly. The successful implementation of cost savings initiatives in the contact center is less about technology and more about getting the business decision makers the real-time information they need to take action."

Aaron Thompson, Contact Solutions CFO, adds, "The report puts critical financial intelligence into executive hands at the right time. For example, if a CXO is about to conduct a monthly budget review or earnings call, he or she can access a real-time update on a specific enhancement to be made, how that will improve customer satisfaction, and the actual dollar amount that it will save the company."

The report recently demonstrated for one customer executive how a single recommendation could save $150,000 annually. The change was approved and there are now 33 recommendations across 14 applications totaling $1.3M in projected annualized savings for that same customer.

The report, delivered by the Continuous Improvement Practice, is a standard offering for all Contact Solutions customers.

About Contact Solutions

Contact Solutions delivers on-demand contact automation solutions including IVR, email/text messaging and web transactions, and call center analytics.

The company's core business is to ensure its clients' self-service automation rates continue to increase well after the initial deployment. With its game-changing Continuous Improvement Practice and world-class IVR hosting facilities, Contact Solutions is incentivized to continually find new contact center savings for their clients. By continuously identifying, implementing, and monitoring inbound/outbound notification solutions, Contact Solutions consistently raises the bar on customer savings by reducing live-agent costs and stepping up the end-user experience.

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