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March 23, 2010 09:00 ET

Contact Solutions Saves Customers More Than $4 Million in FY2009; Commits to $10 Million in Savings in FY2010

One-of-a-Kind Continuous Improvement Practice Sets Contact Solutions Apart, Creates Partnership With Clients to Focus on End-User Satisfaction, Efficiencies, and Cost Savings

RESTON, VA--(Marketwire - March 23, 2010) -  Contact Solutions, a leading provider of on-demand contact automation solutions including IVR, email/text messaging and web transactions for business and government, created an additional $4 million in savings for customers in FY2009 with its targeted Continuous Improvement Practice (CIP), and will add to that total in FY2010 by at least $10 million. 

Contact Solutions' CIP professionals are experts in contact automation solutions and are incentivized to create partnerships with customers to find new ways to save them money while increasing automation rates, according to Paul Logan, Contact Solutions' president and CEO. The end goal for both the customer and Contact Solutions is to create efficiencies and cost savings while maintaining a high level of customer experience.

"We are more than pleased to see our continuous improvement strategy paying off with millions of dollars in savings for our customers while improving the satisfaction of their customers," said Logan. "We realized early on that the typical professional services model of 'implement, charge, leave' does not benefit the customer, so we reward our employees for creating customer partnerships that focus on increasing automation rates while saving money throughout the relationship."

Justin Lemrow, Contact Solutions' director of CIP, said his team has a "quota" every year with regards to finding new savings for their customers.

"This customer focus is revolutionary to the contact automation industry, in which professional services groups typically charge excessive hourly rates to come in after implementation to refine systems and processes," said Lemrow. "At Contact Solutions, we create partnerships with customers to help them hone and improve systems to be efficient and cost effective over the long haul."

According to a DMG Hosted IVR Report, companies should seek out IVR providers that focus on optimization and encourages companies to create and implement an IVR optimization program in which they create a formal process to identify ways to improve and identify new automation opportunities at least once per quarter. The report noted that while all vendors offer IVR optimization services, only Contact Solutions and a few others perform IVR application optimization services as part of their standard offering. DMG believes that IVR optimization is critical for the successful ongoing use of an IVR and for achieving high containment rates, so it is important to find a vendor that continuously works with customers to optimize IVR performance.

For more information on how Contact Solutions' On Demand model fuels CIP, interested parties should download Wringing Out the Savings.

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Contact Solutions, Inc., is headquartered in Reston, Va., and delivers on-demand contact automation solutions including IVR, email/text messaging and web transactions, and call center analytics. Founded in 2002, Contact Solutions' core business is to ensure its clients' self-service automation rates continue to increase well after the initial deployment. With its game-changing Continuous Improvement Practice and world-class IVR hosting facilities, Contact Solutions is incentivized to continually find new contact center savings for clients. By continuously identifying, implementing, and monitoring inbound/outbound notification solutions, Contact Solutions consistently raises the bar on customer savings by reducing live-agent costs and stepping up the end-user experience.
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