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April 05, 2005 06:00 ET

ContentGuard Awarded Nine New Digital Rights Management Patents

Patents Granted in Five Jurisdictions Including Europe, Japan, Australia, Taiwan and the United States

BETHESDA, MD -- (MARKET WIRE) -- April 5, 2005 -- ContentGuard Holdings, Inc., a leading developer of digital rights management (DRM) intellectual property, announced today that it has recently added nine new DRM patents to its broad, worldwide patent portfolio. Three were granted by the United States Patent and Trademark Office, two each were granted by the European Patent Office and the Japan Patent Office, and one each were granted by the patent offices of Australia and Taiwan.

Patent EP 1331542B1 issued by the European Patent Office covers controlling the use of content in accordance with rights, including where the rights are separable from the content. EP 1338941B1 covers the exchanging of content between repositories in a manner controlled by rights.

Patent 3614421B issued by the Japan Patent Office concerns a transportable storage device that controls use of content stored in it in accordance with usage rights. Japan patent 3614420B concerns rights controlling use of digital content where the content and rights are stored separately.

U.S. patent 6,859,533 "System and Method for Transferring the Right to Decode Messages in a Symmetric Encoding Scheme" describes an improved way to decode and decrypt messages without revealing keys. U.S. patent 6,865,551 "Removable Content Repositories" is directed to DRM-enabled removable storage. The inventions of U.S. Patent 6,876,984 "Method and Apparatus for Establishing Usage Rights for Digital Content to be Created in the Future" would, among other things, enable early marketing of digital content. An example could be advance sale of a right to download a copy of a movie as soon as it is released.

Patent 2002312334 issued by the patent office of Australia is directed to permitting access to a resource, such as a service or digital content, while conditions are satisfied and can terminate access if conditions fail to continue to be satisfied.

Patent 226003 issued by the patent office of Taiwan is directed to managing access to a resource, such as a service or digital content, in accordance with rights including rights that have state variables. State variables are variables having values that represent the status of a resource or condition.

"We are pleased with the expansion in the number of countries in which we have patents," said Michael Miron, CEO of ContentGuard. "DRM and the distribution of digital resources is a worldwide business, and it is our aim through these inventions to enable consumers, content distributors and device manufacturers to adapt and use new business models."

ContentGuard intends to make these inventions available for licensing by interested parties as part of its patent portfolio which now numbers more than 60 patents worldwide.

This summary of the new patents is a high level description provided for the convenience of the reader to generally indicate the subject matter of the patent. It is not a legal analysis of claims or a statement of any kind concerning the potential infringement of any claim of any patent by any DRM solution or other product or service. The summary is not intended for use in a legal proceeding and is not intended to and does not interpret or limit the scope or meaning of the patents or their claims.

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