LiveHive Systems Inc.

LiveHive Systems Inc.

December 15, 2008 15:00 ET

Contest Offers Fans the Chance to Win Online While They Watch Their Favorite Daytime TV Shows!

New game allows viewers to chat with fans, answer TV trivia and make predictions while they watch LIVE.

WATERLOO, ONTARIO--(Marketwire - Dec. 15, 2008) -

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tvClickr(TM) is a new game on the Facebook platform that allows television fans to play along on their computer while they watch their favorite TV shows. The creators of tvClickr, LiveHive Systems(TM), announced they will be running a contest December 15th to 19th called, Watch n' Win. While watching Oprah(i), Ellen(i) & The View(i), fans can play along for their chance to win one of two iPod Nanos.

tvClickr allows fans to chat with each other, as well as interact with the show content in real time. Every minute or so, fans are presented with polling, prediction and trivia questions that relate to the show their watching.

For example, they may be asked:

- Who is your favorite lady on The View?

- Will Oprah cry during the next interview?

- Ellen danced to which song at the beginning of the show?

In the case of prediction and trivia style questions, players get points for answering questions correctly. They can keep tabs on their score and compare how they do with other fans. Fans are rewarded with ballots that enter them in a draw to win one of two iPod Nanos just for playing.

Signing up to play along is very easy! All fans have to do is click here to sign into Facebook and they will be directed to the main page. From the main tvClickr page, fans can choose either: The View, Ellen or Oprah and they will land on that shows page. If the show is not on television when they enter tvClickr, fans will be able to play Oprah, Ellen and the View trivia. A blue button will appear when the show is live, indicating that is time to jump in a room and start playing along.

Along with Oprah, Ellen and The View, tvClickr offers numerous primetime television shows that fans can play along with. These include Grey's Anatomy(i), The Office(i), Jon & Kate Plus 8(i), Young and the Restless(i), Survivor(i), Heroes(i), Smallville(i), The Hills(i), Gossip Girl(i), House(i) and many more.

(i)tvClickr is not affiliated with the producers, owners, or personalities of these TV programs and is not meant to imply any endorsement by them.


- tvClickr allows fans to play along with their favorite shows.

- Watch N' Win is being run December 15th to 19th. Players can win by playing along live with Oprah, Ellen and The View.

- Fans can win by answering a steady stream of prediction, trivia and polling questions.

- Fans chat and compete for points and prizes as they answer questions correctly.

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