SOURCE: Yshua Lord of Host 666Israel

March 15, 2005 10:00 ET

Controversial Evangelist to Die on World Wide Web

TUCSON, AZ -- (MARKET WIRE) -- March 15, 2005 -- Yshua Lord of Host 666Israel, the man who tattooed the infamous "666" on his forehead and has prophesied the slaughter and destruction of every Christian man, woman and child, is himself preparing to face death.

Yshua Lord of Host 666Israel plans to make a mockery of so-called Christians yet again by showing how the truly righteous should regard what 666Israel calls Christians’ lies and misrepresentations about death. To achieve this, he will allow all so interested to view his last days via webcam beamed directly from his home, seven days a week, until his demise, which doctors have told him is near.

666Israel claims that from birth he was molded to become a great evangelist, and to seek out and imprison sinners' souls. Yet in young adulthood, he was given a message to search out the righteous instead -- the righteous ones who 666Israel says Christianity denies even exist. In his 25-year-long quest throughout the Bible Belt and American Southwest, 666Israel and his family were allegedly hounded by Christians, police, government and the media. Death threats were frequent -- and without fail, 666Israel says they were made by the very Christians who profess to abhor violence. In the late '80s, 666Israel produced and hosted a record-breaking cable show and produced a CD titled "Scapegoat," which he described in his autobiography, "Rebellion in Babylon."

Today, he invites all to witness how a righteous man faces his own death.

Documentation proving his impending demise is available free on his website, Upon payment of a one-time $3 fee, visitors may access his webcam and writings anytime day or night. Come see how 666Israel stands face-to-face with his own death. Witness his last words and decide for yourself if he was of Satan (as Christianity proclaims) or, as one advocate claimed, was "a kind of dark emissary of God" (Reverend David Johnson, prominent human rights campaigner).

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