SOURCE: Sunlawn Conscientious Garden Solutions

February 28, 2007 06:00 ET

The Convenient Truth: Sunlawn's New Push Mower Makes Spring Gardening Light, Easy, & Eco-friendly

FORT COLLINS, CO -- (MARKET WIRE) -- February 28, 2007 -- The recent report conducted by the United Nation's Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change indicates "unequivocal" evidence that the rapid rise in global warming is caused by human activity -- a finding that should encourage people to use environmentally safe products. This might be a daunting undertaking but might also be as simple, light, and easy as mowing the lawn... with Sunlawn's new LMM Push Reel Mower, that is.

As the undisputed leader in conscientious gardening solutions, Sunlawn is launching its new, ergonomically designed, lightweight, safe and efficient LMM Push Reel Mower that promises to not only keep one's lawn beautiful but also to protect the environment with its gas-free, energy-efficient, zero-emission, noise-free, and naturally fertilizing features.

With gas-guzzling motor-powered lawnmowers, several environmental and health risks occur -- mostly caused by pollutants such as carbon monoxide, ozone precursors, and hydrocarbons, classified as probable carcinogens by the CDC. These pollutants, emitted by operating a typical four-cycle, gas-powered motor engine mower, are equal to (and sometimes greater than) pollutants from driving a conventional car running at about 95 miles. These are on top of the noise pollution and the danger of rocks and debris thrown by the mower's spinning blades.

Sunlawn LMM Push Mower eliminates all the other dangers associated with power mowers, including toxic fumes, overheating motors, and potential burns.

"Getting a push mower is a great way to keep the planet and people safe and our gardens beautiful and naturally healthy," says Terry Jarvis, Sunlawn's founder.

Moreover, the LLM Push Mower's remarkable lightweight (17.7lbs~19.3lbs) and large nine-inch wheels allow it to glide over any terrain and make it easy to maneuver. Its precision five-blade cutting system -- which has an expected sharpen-free blade life of 8-10 years -- cuts a 16-inch swath.

Sunlawn's reel-type mower's engineered scissor-like cutting method clips grass so cleanly that the clippings fall directly back into the lawn as natural mulch, emitting nitrogen and organically fertilizing the soil. The EPA recommends this process saying: "recycling your grass clippings, mulching, and composting, improve your lawn and garden while protecting your corner of the planet."

Sunlawn's LMM Push Mower, and its line of electric mowers, trimmers/edgers and accessories, is available at and or at ACE Hardware, True Value, and other retail stores.

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