March 30, 2005 08:00 ET

Converge-Net: 'Corporate Networks Still Vulnerable to Information Theft'



MARCH 30, 2005 - 08:00 ET

Converge-Net: 'Corporate Networks Still Vulnerable to
Information Theft'

MONTREAL, QUEBEC--(CCNMatthews - March 30, 2005) - "For a company to be
compliant with current privacy initiatives, it must realize that
firewalls and anti-virus gateway software is only the beginning of a
company's security package," says Ryk Edelstein, President of
Converge-Net, a Montreal based Network Solutions provider specializing
in customized privacy and security solutions. As more attacks are
discovered it's essential for a network to have additional security
procedures such as intrusion prevention as well as accountability."
Experts agree that with specifically designed and comprehensive security
solutions in place, it doesn't matter how many offices or what their
geographic locations are, a company's network can be compliant with
Privacy Laws.

In 2004, Canadian Federal and Provincial governments enacted privacy
legislation to ensure that Canada's standard for the protection of
personal information was consistent with international data protection
standards. PIPEDA (Personal Information Protection and Electronic
Documents Act) and Provincial Bill 86, have been specifically structured
to protect personal information in the electronic domain. Critical data
from human resources and marketing such as medical, credit card and
donor information can be at risk if not properly protected. Yet,
recently Deloitte stated that the majority of companies still struggle
to comply with this Privacy legislation.

Of the many threats to the privacy of electronic data, it's often a
network's perimeter that is the most difficult to protect, making it a
major point of weakness. "Today, in light of the multitude of attacks,
commercial networks need enforceable and accountable host and perimeter
protection systems," comments Edelstein, "Firewalls have limited
reporting capabilities and don't provide enough detail to deliver
accountability at the security perimeter."

Recognizing that perimeter security does not end with a firewall or
corporate anti-virus protection, Converge-Net has partnered with Network
Security vendor McAfee to fill the privacy/security gaps at the
perimeter with the addition of McAfee's host and perimeter based
intrusion prevention technologies.

IntruShield, a McAfee hardware based solution is an intrusion protection
hardware solution that safeguards the perimeter of a network. It
identifies threats, stops them at the threshold, and provides
accountability by date, time, type of threat, source and destination

McAfee's Entercept, is an award winning host-based solution that
detects, monitors and effectively defends servers that are exposed to
public networks, such as e-mails and web servers, with the same type of
detailed reporting as McAfee's IntruShield.

Intrushield and Entercept were developed as part of a combined approach
to a corporate or institution's network security policy along with
firewalls and anti-virus gateway solutions. However, it's also critical
that security and privacy are continually enforced. Traditionally,
companies have spent thousands of dollars on network vulnerability
audits however, these reports only indicate the level of threat at the
moment of testing. Since a network's life span is calculated in
milli-seconds, these reports could become inaccurate seconds after
they've been conducted, making the network vulnerable again.

McAfee identified this vulnerability and the need for an active
vulnerability tool. It acquired Foundstone, an "enterprise class"
solution that will constantly monitor a network and deliver the
accountability necessary to ensure that it is protected from attack or
intrusion as well as making it compliant with Provincial and both US and
Canadian Federal Privacy Laws.

Converge-Net is a leading provider of network management, security, and
performance solutions for e-business networks, using innovative concepts
that create value added solutions for some of the most complex network
installations. Knowledgeable about national and international privacy
laws, Converge-Net has developed a "go-to-market" strategy that will
keep corporate networks safe, secure and compliant with national and
international privacy laws. Its team of highly skilled engineers and
system management professionals provide customers with solutions that
meet the requirements of today's demanding IT environments. Located in
Montreal, Converge-Net markets industry leading products for Network
Security, Management, Performance, and Analysis.


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