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Convergence Point Media

June 08, 2015 11:30 ET

Convergence Point Media Launches eHealthStore™

Health Shopper Network Puts Product in Customer's Hands Almost Immediately

NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwired - June 08, 2015) - Convergence Point Media (CPM), a provider of healthcare audience activation solutions and agency services, has announced the launch of eHealthStore™, a unique way of connecting consumers with the health products they need exactly when they need them. Leapfrogging the standard e-commerce model, CPM's mobile health shopper network is able to deliver dynamic ads and custom content identifying where a specific product is in stock, giving consumers directions to the store, and providing special offers from the manufacturer or pharmacy retailer.

This new advantage is made possible through CPM's strategic alliance with Retailigence, a leading platform connecting marketers with a nationwide shopper audience on the path-to-purchase. It amasses SKU information for thousands of pharmacies and big box retailers nationwide that shows what's on the shelf at that moment in a particular store location. CPM's expertise in real-time, intent-based healthcare patient acquisition, combined with Retailigence's technology and network of retail partners (carrying over 20,000,000 products with a retail value in excess of $1 trillion), now provides over-the-counter (OTC) marketers with an opportunity to span digital channels and target ready-to-buy health consumers more precisely than ever before.

"E-commerce has transformed retail, but consumers can't wait when it comes to their health," said CPM Managing Partner Marc Benjamin. "eHealthStore tells you where you can go to not only purchase your allergy medicine and supplements on the spot, but also get a coupon discount and avoid shipping costs. Consumers with intent to buy will find the product on their mobile device and just walk into the retailer we identify to get exactly what they were looking for."

H.L. Plost, Retailigence Advisory CMO, explains that the marketplace has been leading up to this model, and Retailigence and CPM have now brought together the right elements to make it happen. "CPM can identify health consumers based on a wealth of data from online symptom and condition queries overlaid with social media insights and specialized audience information derived from programmatic, pharmacy and claims sources. Then Retailigence provides the connections to match the consumer to a shelf nearby where the product is available."

eHealthStore combines the convenience of online shopping with the ability to instantly get the product in your hand. From the marketer's point of view, this has numerous advantages. It can be used to accelerate new product trials, defend or grow market share, or reinforce penetration of core patient population targets. Its accuracy in finding the right person to see an ad is based on CPM's highly predictive amalgam of social semantic analysis, real-time intent-based lead identification, and brand switch propensity modeling.

The network also provides cost efficiencies by enhancing targeting techniques currently used by programmatic platforms for broad-based CPG marketers with CPM's targeted health audience insights to narrow this audience down to the most likely purchasers, and allow marketers to more accurately define who they need to reach, sharpening the focus of a campaign and saving money.

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Convergence Point Media (CPM) is a healthcare audience activation and engagement agency developing real-time solutions for brand and enterprise value-creation. Leveraging technology, insight and experience to enhance discovery and use of high-value digital assets, CPM serves global marketers seeking high-performance campaigns targeting patients, caregivers and healthcare professionals. CPM's health-vertical experts in search, social, display and custom audience development align precision targeting with compelling content to drive industry-leading results. Learn more at, LinkedIn and Twitter @CPMDigitalMedia.

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Retailigence is an online-to-offline data platform, embeddable in any ad campaign or media, that improves in-store product sales, attribution-related metrics and ROI. The Company's unique SKU-level data insights target consumers with the highest propensity to buy local and guide shoppers along the path to purchase to any specific product or brand, in any of 150,000 brick-and-mortar stores in the U.S. Major brands, retailers and agencies use Retailigence to ensure their marketing investments (often starting in mobile) not only generate consumer awareness, but convert shopper interest into measurable action and in-store sales. To learn more, visit Follow us on Twitter @Retailigence and on LinkedIn.

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