Fisheries and Oceans Canada - Quebec Region

Fisheries and Oceans Canada - Quebec Region

June 17, 2011 10:03 ET

Convictions Under the Fisheries Act, Gaspe and Lower St. Lawrence

QUÉBEC, QUÉBEC CITY--(Marketwire - June 17, 2011) - Fisheries and Oceans Canada, Quebec Region, has released a list of persons convicted of various offences and fined under the Fisheries Act in the Gaspé and Lower St. Lawrence regions between January and May 2011.

The fines imposed on the offenders total $33,750. In addition, 14 offenders had their catches confiscated, and three also lost items that were used in the commission of their offences (fishing gear, vehicle). One offender's vessels will be subject to satellite tracking on all fishing trips until May 5, 2015. One offender was sentenced to 60 hours of community service and two years of probation with a specific condition that he not be allowed on a wharf in the Gaspé during that period. The offenders are:

Offender and homeOffenceFine
Marcel Beaudin
Léonard Rail
Failure to land and weigh entire fish catch under the supervision of a dockside observer. Possession of fish processed to the point where it is difficult to determine their numbers.$1,000 each + confiscation of seized fish.
Noelline Bujold
Romuald Durette
Exceeding authorized limit for clam fishery.$500 each + confiscation of clams and of articles used in the commission of the offence.
Régis Bujold
Recreational groundfishing during close time.$500
Alex Dubé
Possession of lobster under the minimum size.$750 + confiscation of seized lobster.
Denis Dugas
(Les Méchins)
Stanislas Hovington
Failure to land and weigh entire fish catch under the supervision of a dockside observer.$750 + confiscation of seized fish. (D. D.)
$500 + confiscation of seized fish. (S. H.)
Emanuel Dugas
Failure to return snowcrab by-catch to the water.$500 + confiscation of seized halibut.
Jean-Marie Duguay
Possession of a female lobster marked with a V notch.$500 + confiscation of seized lobster.
Norbert Duguay
Call at sea not in compliance with conditions of licence.$1,000
Dominic Gass
Failure to return to the water Atlantic halibut measuring less than 85 cm.$500 + confiscation of seized halibut.
Christian Huard
Exceeding daily catch limit for herring fishery.$2,400
Armand Leblond
Harvesting softshell clams in a closed area. Possession of clams of smaller than permitted size.$450 + confiscation of seized clams.
Robert Lebouthillier
(Caraquet, New-Brunswick)
Cod fishing without a licence. Plaice fishing in violation of redfish licence conditions. Possession of 5 halibut of less than 85 cm.$20,000 + order for satellite tracking of vessels for each fishing trip until May 5, 2015 .
Jean-Raymond Legresley
Possession of lobster claws that have been separated from the thorax.$500
Edgard Montmagny
(Pabos Mills)
Lobster fishing without a licence and during a closed time.$400 + 60 hours of community service + two years of probation with a specific condition not to frequent any wharf in the Gaspé + confiscation of lobster and seizure of fishing gear used and of automotive vehicle.
Jean-Marc Ouellet
Use of nets without valid tags for groundfish fishing.$500 + confiscation of seized fish.
Frédérique Pilote
Sea urchin fishing without a licence.$1,000 + confiscation of seized sea urchins.
Danny Poirier
Mackerel fishing without a valid licence.$500

The Department has a mandate to protect and conserve fishery resources. It is vigilant in its efforts to prevent poaching of marine resources.

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