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September 15, 2008 09:00 ET

"Cooking to Get Lucky" Launches as First Web-Based Series to Mix Professional and User-Generated Content

Eden Riegel and Bob Guiney Host New Reality Cooking Program on mDialog

NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwire - September 15, 2008) -


mDialog, a company committed to delivering high-resolution social video, is partnering with Emmy award winning actress, Eden Riegel, and reality television star, Bob Guiney, to launch a new web-based cooking show called "Cooking to Get Lucky." With a unique mix of professional content and user-generated contributions, "Cooking to Get Lucky" is the first program of its kind to combine the two, creating a new genre of online entertainment. The series launches today and the first episode can be viewed on

--  The overall goal of the program is to share easy, yet impressive,
    recipes for guys who can't cook but want to create memorable meals for
    their dates and make it look like they've slaved in the kitchen.
--  Viewers have the opportunity to be part of the program by sharing
    their own video pleas for help in the kitchen using mDialog's collaborate
    social video tool.
--  Some of these videos will be incorporated directly into upcoming
    episodes, as Bob and Eden attempt to solve viewers' cooking challenges by
    sharing simple, fast and inexpensive recipe ideas.
--  Additional program features include three-screen delivery (iPhone, Web
    and an HD Podcast iTunes/AppleTV), the ability to share feedback about
    episodes and recipes using mDialog's survey feature and downloadable


"The concept for 'Cooking to Get Lucky' was based partly on my experiences as a single guy who was useless in the kitchen and trying to come up with ways to impress girls on those rare occasions that I could get them back to my place. We wanted to make a cooking show that didn't talk down to beginners -- and we knew that the end goal was getting some action, not becoming a professional chef. But the show just went to a whole other level when Bob and Eden got involved."

-- Andrew Miller, show co-creator, ASAP Productions

"The partnership with mDialog created an opportunity to get our viewers involved. With mDialog's amazing social video technology, we're not just talking to a camera like traditional cooking shows... we're talking directly to the viewer. They're in on the fun, because they're a part of it."

-- Sam Riegel, show co-creator, ASAP Productions

"The online entertainment industry has seen a lot of change in the last few months, and 'Cooking to Get Lucky' is an example of what we see as the future. In addition to having compelling content with high production values and a fun cast, the multiple episode model keeps viewers coming back for more and our social features make viewing a truly interactive experience."

-- Greg Philpott, founder and president of mDialog

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