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February 08, 2010 08:00 ET

Cooking Up Some Family Day Fun

Easy meals the whole family can cook and enjoy together

TORONTO, ONTARIO--(Marketwire - Feb. 8, 2010) - What are you planning on doing with your family this Family Day? Why not cook up some fun together? After all, planning, preparing and eating meals together as a family will benefit everyone.

The benefits of eating together as a family are well known. It has been shown children who eat with their families on a regular basis consumer more iron, folate and vitamins B6 and B12. Coincidentally all nutrients found in Canadian beef. Eating together as a family is also linked with healthier weights in children, higher scholastic scores and maintains important family and cultural traditions(1).

This is good news, because more and more families are eating together on a regular basis. According to NPD Group, 81 per cent of Canadians eat meals together as a family five to seven times per week(2). Eating together as family more often has also created a shift in family meal priorities, placing more emphasis on nutrition and ease of preparation(3).

But it's not just eating together that provides benefits, having kids participate in the meal planning and preparation can also have a positive long term impact. Involving kids in the process of meal making encourages lifelong positive eating habits, exposes them to new foods and is a valuable skill for life.

Jean Brewer, owner of Let Them Eat Cake!, mother of two and active Canadian Beef Facebook fan, speaks first-hand about the benefits family meals have in her household. "Sam, who is nine, loves helping in the kitchen! He has his favourite cookbook and it's his go-to book when he is in charge of dinner," says Jean. "Both Sam and Katie, who is seven, have been helping me cook since they were toddlers. Now they each pick a meal during the week to make for dinner, which means they will eat what they help to make - seeing clean plates at the end of the meal is any mom's dream! Their faves are mini-meatloaves, baked pastas, juicy steaks, and pulled beef in the crockpot." Jean says when the kids help in the kitchen, dinner is done faster, they get to enjoy family time with no arguments about what's on the menu and the children are proud of what they have accomplished.

Now that you know what you're doing Family Day, all that's left to find are some recipes that are not only good for the whole family, but fun to make. The folks behind have offered up some great meal ideas the whole family will enjoy. Try making these tasty Muffin-sized Pizza Meatloaves or this Taco Ground Beef Salad together and spice up your family meals. You might just discover that Family Day can be all year long.

For more recipes, recipe images and to request an interview with Jean Brewer about her Family Fun in the Kitchen, please contact Heather Travis.

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