November 21, 2012 14:30 ET

Cool Shoes for Kids at Totidem!

MONTREAL, QUEBEC--(Marketwire - Nov. 21, 2012) -

Everyone talks about the cuteness of a baby's bum but we have a confession: those little feet really get us going. Those ten tiny toes are like little keys to our heart, making it melt every time those socks come off. But fact of the matter is that they're not just cute but something to cherish and support as they will literally be holding our kids up the minute they start toddling around.

Those precious little feet first arrive without any bones inside, they actually are formed with soft malleable cartilage that only begins to form bones around 10 months of age. This growth process lasts all the way up until they are 21 years old (yes, they will actually one day be adults!)

All that to say that those cute little toes need the right support from day one to prevent bone malformation. We know we can get that support from Totidem. Sure, we want them to be wearing the cutest booties and velcro sneakers around but fit and size are also essential for the development of their feet.

Did you know that there are many different kinds of feet? They come in all shapes and sizes! Depending on the shape of our child's toes, they can have Egyptian, Greek, or square feet. Of course, the width of the foot and the height of the arch play a big role in determining the shape of the foot too. So wouldn't it make sense that the shape of our child's feet should match the shape of the shoes they are wearing? Just like a puzzle, they need the right fit. Totidem's kids' shoe specialists can get them the perfect fitting pair, taking our budget and sense of style into account.

And while we do love snuggling those little toes, once the temperatures drop we need to make sure they stay warm. Totidem offers both mid-season boots to keep our tots' toes warm up to -15°C, and waterproof winter boots for playing in the snow on the coldest of days. Whether we're looking for a pair of everyday walking shoes, mid-season boots, rain boots, winter boots or even slippers, Totidem has got their toes covered. Now we can save 10% with the limited time VIP card available at Totidem's Rockland and Place Montreal Trust locations

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