Coors Light

Coors Light

June 25, 2008 12:47 ET

Coors Light: Cold Alert Issued Across Canada

Coors Light introduces Cold Certified Bottles to help beer drinkers beat the summer heat

TORONTO, ONTARIO--(Marketwire - June 25, 2008) -

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A 'cool' new beer innovation is being introduced across Canada today to help beer drinkers beat the heat this summer. The new Coors Light Cold Certified Bottle features proprietary temperature-sensitive thermal chromatic ink technology that turns the Coors Light mountains from white to blue when the beer is chilled to four degrees Celsius or less, signaling the beer is ice cold and ready to enjoy.

"The scourge of summer - warm beer - has finally met its match with the introduction of the Coors Light Cold Certified Bottle," said Jamie Sprules, Coors Light Brand Manager at Molson. "The Cold Certified Bottle tells you when it's cold and ready - it's like having a personal beer alarm clock."

The introduction of the Coors Light Cold Certified Bottle follows on the heels of the successful launch of the Cold Certified Can last year. Starting today, every 341ml Coors Light bottle sold in Canada carries the new Cold Certified label.

Some Cold Certified Facts:

1. Due to convection currents, Coors Light cools quicker lying down in the fridge than it does standing up.

2. Your body expends more energy drinking an ice-cold beer than it does warm beer.

(Note: your body warms up the ice-cold beer to body temperature and this requires 17 calories of energy).

3. The absolute coldest temperature possible is -273.16 degrees C, also referred to as Absolute Zero.

4. Below the surface of the land, 40 to 50 per cent of Canada remains at or below 0 degrees C continuously - a state known as permafrost.

5. Female lips are more sensitive to temperature than male lips. Lips can perceive differences of two-tenths of a degree.

6. Water is the only non-metallic substance to expand when it freezes. And, because beer is more than 90 per cent water, it expands as well.

7. When icebergs melt, they make a fizzing sound, caused by the popping of compressed air bubbles in the ice.

8. Snag, Yukon, recorded Canada's lowest temperature on record: -62.8 degrees C in February 1947.

9. Ice reflects 90 per cent of the sun's rays.

10. Heat is present in all substances even if they feel cold.

"Cold beer is better beer. Plain and simple," said Sprules. "So whether it's a Cold Certified Bottle for a summer barbecue or a chilled Cold Certified Can at the beach, consumers can enjoy the refreshing taste of Coors Light all summer long."

Go to for details about Cold Certified technology.

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