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July 06, 2009 16:01 ET

Copernic Launches New Personal Search Portal

QUEBEC CITY, CANADA--(Marketwire - July 6, 2009) - Copernic Inc., (the "Company"), (NASDAQ:CNIC), a leading search software company, today unveiled its new personal search portal called myCopernic. myCopernic is designed to provide solutions for today's challenges: mobility and accessibility of personal data. It will also provide innovative solutions to search and access the data that help professionals do business.

Rich from a long experience in web search, meta search and desktop search, Copernic was able to develop myCopernic, the first Personal Search Portal as it configures a personal search profile for each user and facilitates the search of relevant information. myCopernic consolidates information stored in different sources to create the user personal "data hive" and allow to query a number of these sources simultaneously.

The portal will grow over time as new services will become available and users can decide which new services meet their needs in terms of data accessibility and then add them to their Personal Search Portal. By adding different services each user will be able to personalize even more their search experience.

"With the release of myCopernic, we can provide tailored search solutions to a wide variety of clients," said Dennis Dion, Vice President Sales & Marketing. He added, "There are multiple Web search engines or Desktop Search tools available on the market. We want to merge and push these further by offering specialized search solutions that provide easy access to data whenever and wherever needed. Information that professionals need to do business can be found almost anywhere. myCopernic will find it for them."

myCopernic offers management features for Enterprises (large, medium or small) where there are multiple user accounts connected to the portal, allowing the portal administrator to control the type and number of services that users can access.

Access to myCopernic portal is acquired by registering to one of its services. Each service will be introduced with its own pricing.

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