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June 23, 2009 07:36 ET

CoreTrace Continues to Redefine Antivirus Market With New Application Whitelisting Solution

BOUNCER 5.0 Provides Memory Protection Capabilities and Extends Patent-Pending Trusted Change to Include Industry-First ActiveX Installations

AUSTIN, TX--(Marketwire - June 23, 2009) - CoreTrace, the pioneer of client-based application whitelisting technology, today announced the latest release of its award-winning BOUNCER solution. Continuing to redefine the antivirus and configuration control markets, BOUNCER 5.0 features an industry-first ability to seamlessly allow and whitelist trusted ActiveX installations, improved memory protection, automated and streamlined deployments, and efficient management capabilities like group security configurations. As the industry's most secure and IT-friendly whitelisting solution, BOUNCER 5.0 is a strong alternative to blacklisting-based antivirus technologies.

"As seen by the recent headlines and acquisitions, the antivirus market is undergoing a major revolution towards application whitelisting," said Toney Jennings, president and CEO of CoreTrace. "By proactively preventing even more malicious attacks and dynamically enabling new applications to be whitelisted, BOUNCER 5.0 is a huge step toward application whitelisting becoming the primary anti-malware prevention technique, relegating blacklisting to more reactive roles like cleanup."

Building on its leading ability to effectively allow new approved applications and eliminate the lockdown paradigm prevalent in competitive whitelisting products, BOUNCER 5.0 extends CoreTrace's patent-pending Trusted Change feature. Trusted Change allows IT staff to predefine multiple sources from which users can safely install applications and have them automatically added to the whitelist. BOUNCER-protected end users are now able to install applications and even install or update ActiveX controls that are embedded in whitelisted browser applications -- in real-time and on-demand, without the request/approval burden from IT administrators. No other solution on the market today is capable of automatically installing ActiveX signed by Trusted Digital Signatures.

BOUNCER 5.0 is also outfitted with enhancements to CoreTrace's leading memory protection capabilities. In addition to preventing the execution of payloads deposited via a memory exploit, BOUNCER 5.0 addresses major classes of exploits directly, such as DLL injections and attempts to write to kernel-memory.

As with any new technology, deployment is a top concern for IT managers. Unlike alternative application whitelisting solutions, BOUNCER 5.0's client is automatically and fully installed -- with a perfectly tailored whitelist for each endpoint. BOUNCER 5.0 can be deployed in minutes per client, with deployments being able to occur simultaneously. This speed advantage is aided by whitelist auto-generation directly from each computer versus trying to match an incomplete and remote cloud list.

"Using whitelists to limit the execution of applications to a known set of good applications is becoming a foundational anti-malware technique that Gartner believes most organizations will adopt as a standard part of their endpoint protection strategy," said Neil MacDonald, vice president and Gartner fellow. "Whitelisting must be extended to support policies within applications that serve as platforms for running additional code. The best example is the browser where whitelisting must be extended to support the whitelisting and blacklisting of browser plug-ins and helper objects."

BOUNCER is the only application whitelisting solution that simultaneously stops even the most sophisticated malware attacks (e.g., rootkits, memory exploits), while allowing users to safely install new applications and have them automatically added to the whitelist without requiring IT involvement. BOUNCER's impressive record against rogue applications was shown at the Defcon16 "Race to Zero" competition last year where BOUNCER stopped 100 percent of all malware. Leading blacklist-based antivirus solutions stopped 60 percent. With the additional protection that BOUNCER provides, for example memory protection, this one solution replaces an entire suite of products from traditional antivirus companies.

BOUNCER 5.0 will ship in July. Pricing begins at $49 per desktop.

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CoreTrace® is the pioneer of client-based application whitelisting. The company's award-winning and patented high-security, easy-change BOUNCER solution is at the forefront of the movement in next-generation endpoint control and security solutions. Unlike other application whitelisting solutions that are simply lockdown technologies, BOUNCER's "Trusted Change" capability enables IT professionals to predefine multiple sources from which users can safely install applications and have them automatically added to the whitelist -- all with minimal IT involvement. The result: full prevention of unauthorized applications, improved overall security, and lower total cost of ownership compared to alternative whitelisting and traditional blacklisting antivirus solutions. CoreTrace's customers include organizations in a wide variety of industries, such as energy, oil and gas, financial services, telecommunications, as well as government agencies.

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