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September 28, 2011 09:00 ET

CorpBanca Announces Second Quarter 2011 Financial Report

SANTIAGO, CHILE--(Marketwire - Sep 28, 2011) - CORPBANCA (NYSE: BCA), a Chilean financial institution offering a wide variety of corporate and retail financial products and services, today announced its financial results for the second quarter ended June 30, 2011. This report is based on unaudited consolidated financial statements and prepared in accordance with Chilean generally accepted accounting principles. Solely for the convenience of the reader, U.S. dollar amounts in this report have been translated from Chilean nominal pesos at our June 30, 2011 exchange rate of Ch$467.22 per U.S. dollar. Industry data contained herein has been obtained from the information provided by the Superintendency of Banks and Financial Institutions.

Financial Highlights

Net income for the second quarter 2011 reached Ch$32 billion, an increase of 10% when compared to the first quarter 2011 and an increase of 7% when compared to the second quarter 2010.

Total loans (excluding interbank and contingent loans) reached Ch$5,737 billion as of June 30, 2011, leaving CorpBanca with a market share of 7.08%, an increase of 6 bps compared to the first quarter 2011 and a decrease of 34 bps when compared to the second quarter 2010. CorpBanca continues to be the fourth major private bank in Chile.

During the second quarter 2011:

Provision for loan losses decreased by 30% compared to the first quarter 2011;

Total operating revenue increased by 4% compared to the first quarter 2011; and

Total operating expenses decreased by 12% compared to the first quarter 2011.

Mario Chamorro, CEO

We are proud to announce that our capital increase was very successful. We had the support of our shareholders in raising the capital that we believe will be necessary to allow CorpBanca to grow in the coming years with a solid capital basis.

With this new capital, CorpBanca will be able to participate in the wholesale banking segment with a greater volume of loans and for larger amounts, increasing the competitiveness of the bank in this segment.

The positive results for the second quarter were consistent with the strategies that we have been implementing in our different segments and we expect to continue with positive results in the future.

General Information

Market Share

2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 Mar-11 Jun-11
Total Loans 3,556 4,317 4,944 5,012 5,469 5,455 5,738
Market Share 6,31% 6,82% 7,04% 7,27% 7,30% 7,02% 7,08%

In the second quarter 2011, we recovered part of the market share we lost during the first quarter 2011.

This was explained mainly by an increase of 6% in commercial loans.

Total loans increased 6.4% for the six months ended June 30, 2011.

Net Income (12 months trailing)

Dec-06 Dec-07 Dec-08 Dec-09 Dec-10 Jun-11
39.104 51.049 56.310 85.109 119.043 124.279

Our net income has significantly increased since the beginning of 2009.

Our net income for the second quarter 2011 was Ch$32 billion.

The chart shows the trend in our 12-month trailing net income. For the 12 months trailing June 30, 2011, our net income as of June 30, 2011 is the highest we have ever earned.


ROE 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 Mar-11 Jun-11
CorpBanca 9,9 11,8 12,4 18,5 25,0 24,6 25,9
Industry 18,6 16,2 14,2 16,5 20,7 20,3 21,7
ROA 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 Mar-11 Jun-11
CorpBanca 1,07 1,10 0,91 1,33 1,67 1,64 1,53
Industry 1,26 1,12 0,96 1,20 1,45 1,55 1,57

Our ROE has continuously been ahead of the industry average since 2009 and that trend continued in 2010 and 2011.

We expect a decrease in our ROE for the third quarter 2011 due to the capital increase in July 2011.

Our ROA has slightly decreased in the last quarter mainly because of the increase in our assets of 11%, compared to the industry average which only increased 4%.

The success of our corporate wholesale model, improvements in our retail segments and better economic conditions are the principal reasons for our high profitability.

Risk Index

2008 2009 2010 Mar-11 Jun-11
CorpBanca 1,46 1,91 1,95 1,87 1,76
Industry 1,79 2,43 2,52 2,58 2,50

Consistent with one of our core strategies, CorpBanca has one of the lowest risk indices (Provision for loan losses/Total loans) in the industry.

We continued with that trend during the second quarter 2011.

Efficiency Index

2008 2009 2010 Mar-11 Jun-11
CorpBanca 46,1 39,0 38,1 38,6 40,5
Industry 49,9 44,6 45,9 46,5 46,2

Operational efficiency is also a core strategy for CorpBanca. The chart illustrates how our efficiency ratio is better than the industry average in Chile.

Our low operational cost is based on a cost control culture that allows the bank to compete in the Chilean market and realize high profits.

Basel Index

2008 2009 2010 Mar-11 Jun-11
Basel 10,8 13,9 13,4 12,3 11,82
Tier One 9,1 9,5 8,9 8,2 7,7

Although our Basel index has been decreasing in the last year, the recent increase of capital reversed this trend and in June 2011 we had one of the highest levels of capitalizations of the banks in Chile according to the Superintendency of Banks and Financial Institutions.

Branches - ATM - Employees

2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 Mar-11 Jun-11
Branches 92 101 106 107 113 114 114
ATM 102 102 205 324 382 407 410
Employees 2,389 3,116 3,083 3,311 3,440 3,269 3,328

We have 114 branches in Chile, almost half of them are in Santiago. We also have a branch in New York and a Representative office in Madrid.

The total number of ATMs has been increasing in the last two years, mainly due to the installation of ATMs in Unimarc supermarkets. Unimarc is owned by SMU S.A., a retail business holding company owned by our principal shareholder. Unimarc is the third largest supermarket chain in Chile in terms of total sales and the largest in terms of food sales according to independent industry publications.

The number of our employees increased by 2.0% in the second quarter 2011. This follows our strategy of maximizing efficiency without significantly increasing our costs as we continue to grow our portfolio and increase the products we offer to our customers.

Management's Discussion and Analysis

I) Financial Performance Review

For the three-month period ended (Ch$ million)
Mar-11 Jun-11 Change
Net interest revenue 46,606 48,000 1,394
Fees and income from services, net 13,170 15,761 2,591
Treasury business 20,059 18,287 (1,772 )
Other revenue 1,066 2,067 1,001
Total operating revenue 80,901 84,115 3,214
Provision for loan losses (11,370 ) (7,840 ) 3,530
Operating expenses (34,362 ) (38,563 ) (4,201 )
Income attributable to investments in other companies - 232 232
Net Income before taxes 35,513 38,342 2,829
Income taxes (6,240 ) (6,069 ) 171
Net Income 29,273 32,273 3,000

Net interest revenue

Net interest revenue increased by 3% in the second quarter 2011. The increase is mainly a result of the following:

  • A higher increase in the UF (an inflation indexed unit of account). The UF increased by 1.4% in the second quarter 2011 compared to a 0.57% increase during the first quarter 2011.
  • An increase in our assets, especially our commercial loans
  • The increase in interest revenues was offset by an increase in our funding cost as a result of an increase in the Central Banks' interest rate from 4.00% in the first quarter 2011 to 5.25% in the second quarter.

Fees and income from services

For the three-month period ended (Ch$ million)
Mar-11 Jun-11 Change
Banking services(*) 6,121 8,280 2,160
Securities Brokerage Services 993 508 (484 )
Mutual Fund Management 1,789 1,579 (209 )
Insurance brokerage 1,872 2,700 828
Financial advisory services 1,962 2,196 234
Legal advisory services 433 496 63
Total 13,170 15,761 2,591
(*) includes consolidation adjustments

The increase of Ch$2.1 billion in revenue from banking operations during the second quarter 2011 is mainly due to client overdrafts, checking accounts, credit cards and increased use of ATM's.

Fees from securities brokerage services decreased by Ch$484 million as compared to the first quarter 2011, but our fees from securities brokerage services for the second quarter 2011 is similar to the average amount earned in prior quarters.

Insurance brokerage fees increased by 44% during the second quarter 2011. This is mainly explained by an increase of products attributed to our mid-sized commercial banking segment, especially our leasing products.

Our financial advisory services fees increased by 11.9% during the second quarter 2011 due to our participation in major projects during the second quarter 2011.

Trading and investment

For the three-month period ended (Ch$ million)
Mar-11 Jun-11 Change
Trading and investment income:
Trading securities 4,193 3,424 (769 )
Derivatives held-for-trading 22,448 (2,332 ) (24,780 )
Available-for-sale investments and other 2,426 (16 ) (2,442 )
Total trading and investment income 29,066 1,076 (27,990 )
Net foreign exchange transactions (11,909 ) 7,752 19,661
Net results of accounting hedge derivatives 2,902 9,459 6,557
Net gains (losses) from treasury business 17,157 8,828 (8,329 )

Total income from our treasury business during the second quarter 2011 decreased by Ch$8.3 billion as compared to the first quarter 2011. The loss from our treasury business is mainly related to transactions and products that the bank offers to our corporate clients through our wholesale model and strategies related to market opportunities.

CorpBanca hedges all its positions in foreign currency through derivatives to avoid any currency risk, so the final number of foreign exchange transactions will be mainly offset by the number of derivatives held for trading. Also, these results include mark-to-market profits/loss related to swap contracts (interest rate swaps and cross currency interest rate swaps) used for managing ALM risk positions

Derivatives and financial securities that may provide effective economic hedges for managing risk positions are treated and reported as trading, due to local regulatory restrictions.

Trading and investment income primarily includes the results from our trading portfolio financial assets (marked-to-market adjustments, gains and losses from sales), gains and losses from our derivative trading portfolio, and gains and losses from financial investments available-for-sale.

Net foreign exchange gains and losses include both the results of foreign exchange transactions as well as the recognition of the effect of exchange rate fluctuations on assets and liabilities stated in foreign currencies, and loans and deposits in Chilean pesos indexed to foreign currencies.

Provision for loan losses (for Commercial and Retail loans)

For the three-month period ended (Ch$ million)
Mar-11 Jun-11 Change
Commercial, net (3,223 ) (7,627 ) (4,403 )
Mortgage, net (1,137 ) (499 ) 638
Consumer, net (6,514 ) (1,994 ) 4,520
Others 52 4 (49 )
Net charge to income (10,822 ) (10,116 ) 706

Our provision for loan losses for commercial and retail loans decreased by 6.5% during the second quarter 2011, continuing with the trend of last quarter.

The decrease is mainly related to the effort that the consumer division has made to reduce the risk of their portfolio to market standards. The consumer division has been "cleaning" their portfolio in the last year, reducing the total stock of loans, but improving significantly their risk index.

Operating expenses

For the three-month period ended (Ch$ million)
Mar-11 Jun-11 Change
Personnel salaries expenses 19,170 20,276 1,106
Administrative and other expenses 11,384 13,640 2,256
Depreciation, amortization and impairment 1,832 1,834 2
Other operating expenses 1,976 2,813 837
Total operating expenses 34,362 38,563 4,201

Total operating expenses increased by 12% during the second quarter 2011 as compared to the first quarter 2011 primarily as a result of an increase in our Personnel salaries expenses and Administrative and other expenses. Personnel salaries increased by 6% as compared to the first quarter 2011, mainly because Administrative and other expenses increased by Ch$2.3 billion, in large part as a result of outsourced services and other administrative expenses.

II) Assets and liabilities

Loan portfolio

As of the month ended (Ch$ million)
Mar-11 Jun-11 Change
Wholesale 3,987,046 4,231,823 244,777
Commercial 3,309,099 3,554,782 245,683
Foreign trade 321,185 325,290 4,105
Leasing and factoring 356,762 351,751 (5,011 )
Retail 1,467,993 1,505,877 37,884
Consumer 406,003 403,399 (2,604 )
Mortgage loans 1,061,990 1,102,478 40,488
Total loans 5,455,039 5,737,700 282,661

On a quarter-by-quarter basis, our total loans portfolio increased by 5% compared to the first quarter 2011. This increase is primarily the result of an increase in commercial loans, which increased by Ch$245 billion.

Our market share increased by 0.08% during the second quarter 2011, from 7.02% in March 2011 to 7.08% in June 2011. For corporate and commercial loans, our market share at the end of June 2011 was 8.50%, 11 bps higher than our market share at the end of March 2011.

This quarter's decrease in retail loans was due to a 14% decrease in consumer loans. This decrease is related to our low income consumer division, called Banco Condell, which is going through the process of restructuring its portfolio with higher quality loans and a greater concentration on lower risk clients. In fact our risk index for this portfolio has been decreasing significantly in the past 12 months. This decrease was offset by an increase of 0.02% of market share in our mortgage loans during the second quarter.

Securities Portfolio

As of the month ended (Ch$ million)
Mar-11 Jun-11 Change
Trading portfolio financial assets 194,006 220,970 26,964
Financial investments available-for-sale 530,278 991,109 460,831
Financial investments held-to-maturity 12,025 12,299 274
Total financial investments 736,309 1,224,378 488,069

Our investment portfolio consists of trading, available-for-sale and held-to-maturity securities. Trading instruments correspond to financial instruments acquired to generate gains from short-term price fluctuations, brokerage margins, or instruments that are included in a portfolio with the purpose of gaining profit in the short-term. Trading instruments are stated at fair value.

Investment instruments are classified in two categories: held-to-maturity investments and instruments available-for-sale. Held-to-maturity investments include only those instruments for which the bank has the capacity and intent to hold until maturity. We currently have a small amount of held-to-maturity investments. All other investment instruments are considered available-for-sale. Investment instruments are initially recognized at cost, which includes transaction costs. Instruments available-for-sale at each subsequent period-end are valued at their fair value according to market prices or based on valuation models. Unrealized gains or losses arising from changes in the fair value are charged or credited to equity accounts.

Our available for sale portfolio increased by 86.0% during the second quarter 2011. This is explained mainly by the proactive administration of our portfolio that was restructured, after decreasing its size in the first quarter 2011, with the aim of searching for new opportunities in the market.

Funding strategy

As of the month ended (Ch$ million)
Mar-11 Jun-11 Change
Checking accounts 430,467 401,362 (29,105 )
Other non-interest bearing deposits 193,435 179,815 (13,620 )
Time deposits and savings accounts 3,649,582 3,931,173 281,591
Repurchase agreements 131,789 267,595 135,806
Mortgages bonds 212,988 202,957 (10,031 )
Banking bonds 802,577 886,249 83,672
Subordinated bonds 287,810 403,191 115,381
Domestic borrowings 24,397 21,610 (2,787 )
Foreign borrowings 554,353 562,071 7,718

Our current funding strategy is to continue utilizing all sources of funding in accordance with their costs, their availability and our general asset and liability management strategy. On July 29, 2010, we entered into a U.S.$167.5 million senior unsecured syndicated term loan facility with BNP Paribas, as Administrative Agent, and BNP Paribas Securities Corp., Citigroup Global Markets Inc., Commerzbank Aktiengesellschaft, Standard Chartered Bank and Wells Fargo Securities, LLC, as Lead Arrangers and Book-Runners. The proceeds of the loan were used mainly to fund our lending activities and for general corporate purposes. On August 1, 2010, we implemented a local bond program for a maximum amount of UF 150 million at any time outstanding. Under the local bond program, we are capable of issuing two types of securities: (i) senior bonds, for a total amount of UF 100 million, divided in 28 series (from AB to AZ and from BA to BC), with a maturity ranging between 3 to 30 years and an interest rate of 3%, and (ii) subordinated bonds, for a total amount of UF 50 million, divided in 16 series (from BD to BS), with a maturity ranging between 20 to 35 years and an interest rate of 4%. For all the series of bonds that could be issued under the local bond program, the amortization of capital will be made in full at maturity. The objective of the local bond program is to structure CorpBanca's future issuances of debt in a way that provides for diverse alternatives of placements in order to efficiently manage its outstanding indebtedness. On November 3, 2010, we issued US$178.1 million in Reg S notes in the international market. During 2011, we plan to continue to increase the amount of funding from checking accounts and diversifying our funding mainly through bonds.

Shareholders' Equity

As of June 30, 2011, we were the 4th largest private bank in Chile, based on our shareholders' equity of Ch$581 billion and loans of Ch$5,738 billion. We had 228,306,683 thousand shares outstanding and a market capitalization of Ch$1,681 billion (based on a share price of Ch$7.36 pesos per share) as of June 30, 2011.

III) Other Related Information

Increase of Corpbanca Equity

At the extraordinary shareholders meeting held on January 27, 2011, our shareholders approved the proposal of the Board to make a capital increase which will occur through the issuance of 40,042,815,984 shares for payment, representing 15.0% of the total new equity, to be subscribed and paid at the price, terms and other conditions determined by the Board.

In May, the Board decided to issue 25,500,000,000 new shares, and that the rest of the new shares should not be issued before June 2012. The period to purchase these new shares for current shareholders was from June 3, 2011 to August 31, 2011, and our shareholders purchased 92% of the new shares.

Consolidated Statements of Income (unaudited)
For the three months ended
(Expressed in millions of Chilean pesos) Mar-11 Jun-11
Interest revenue 107,405 138,329
Interest expense (60,799 ) (90,329 )
Net interest revenue 46,606 48,000
Fees and income from services, net 13,170 15,761
Trading and investment income, net 29,066 1,076
Foreign exchange gains (losses), net (9,007 ) 17,211
Other operating revenue 1,066 2,067
Operating revenues 80,901 84,115
Provisions for loan losses (11,370 ) (7,840 )
Net operating revenues 69,531 76,275
Personnel salaries and expenses (19,170 ) (20,276 )
Administration expenses (11,384 ) (13,640 )
Depreciation, amortization and impairment (1,832 ) (1,834 )
Other operating expenses (1,976 ) (2,813 )
Net operating income 35,169 37,712
Income attributable to investments in other companies - 232
Non-controlling interest 344 398
Income before income taxes 35,513 38,342
Income taxes (6,240 ) (6,069 )
Income for the period 29,273 32,273

Consolidated Balance Sheets (unaudited)
(Expressed in millions of Chilean pesos) Mar-11 Jun-11
Cash and deposits in banks 220,987 119,208
Items in course of collection 132,012 246,138
Trading portfolio financial assets 194,006 220,970
Financial investments available-for-sale 530,278 991,109
Financial investments held-to-maturity 12,025 12,299
Investments purchased under agreements to resell 65,340 67,770
Derivative financial instruments 197,368 217,631
Loans and receivables to banks 210,193 110,617
Loans and receivables to customers 5,455,038 5,737,699
Allowance for loan losses (104,124 ) (101,400 )
Loans and receivables to customers, net 5,350,914 5,636,299
Investments in other companies 3,583 3,583
Intangibles 12,948 12,341
Premises and equipment, net 54,872 54,621
Income tax provision - current 188 76
Deferred income taxes 25,778 26,936
Other assets 148,752 214,552
Total Assets 7,159,244 7,934,150
Deposits and other demand liabilities 623,902 581,177
Items in course of collection 122,449 217,154
Securities sold under agreements to resell 131,789 267,595
Deposits and other term liabilities 3,649,582 3,931,173
Derivative financial instruments 145,150 142,934
Borrowings from financial institutions 555,785 563,054
Debt instruments 1,303,375 1,492,397
Other financial obligations 22,965 20,627
Income tax provision - current 9,389 1,870
Deferred income taxes 21,263 21,227
Provisions 26,926 37,371
Other liabilities 49,757 139,415
Total Liabilities 6,662,332 7,415,994
Shareholders' equity:
Capital 449,248 450,305
Reserves 26,406 28,498
Valuation gains (losses) (2,178 ) (6,277 )
Retained earnings:
Retained earnings from prior years 346 346
Profit for the period 29,273 61,546
Less: Accrual for mandatory dividends (8,782 ) (18,464 )
Minority Interest 2,599 2,202
Total Shareholders' Equity 496,912 518,156
Total equity and liabilities 7,159,244 7,934,150
Selected Performance Ratios (unaudited)
As of or for the three month period ended
Mar-11 Jun-11
Solvency indicators
Basle index 11.41 % 11.82 %
Shareholders' equity / total assets 6.94 % 6.53 %
Shareholders' equity / total liabilities 7.46 % 6.99 %
Credit quality ratios
Risk index (Allowances / total loans ) 1.91 % 1.77 %
Provisions for loan losses / Total loans 0.83 % 0.55 %
Provisions for loan losses / Total assets 0.64 % 0.40 %
Provisions for loan losses / Gross operating income 14.1 % 9.3 %
Provisions for loan losses / Net income 38.8 % 24.3 %
Profitability ratios
Net interest revenue / Interest-earning assets 2.98 % 2.78 %
Gross operating income / Total assets 4.52 % 4.24 %
Gross operating income / Interest-earning assets 5.17 % 4.87 %
ROA (before taxes), over total assets 1.98 % 1.93 %
ROA (before taxes), over interest-earning assets 2.27 % 2.22 %
ROE (before taxes) 28.6 % 29.6 %
ROA, over total assets 1.64 % 1.63 %
ROA, over interest-earning assets 1.87 % 1.87 %
ROE 23.99 % 25.83 %
Efficiency ratios
Operating expenses / Total assets 1.92 % 1.94 %
Operating expenses / Total loans 2.52 % 2.69 %
Operating expenses / Operating revenues 40.0 % 42.5 %
Diluted Earnings per share before taxes (Chilean pesos per share) 0.1565 0.1690
Diluted Earnings per ADR before taxes (U.S. dollars per ADR) 1.6399 1.8083
Diluted Earnings per share (Chilean pesos per share) 0.1290 0.1422
Diluted Earnings per ADR (U.S. dollars per ADR) 1.3518 1.5221
Total Shares Outstanding (Thousands) 226,909,290.6 228,306,683.2
Peso exchange rate for US$1 477.18 467.22


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