SOURCE: CorpHQ, Inc.

September 08, 2005 13:47 ET

CorpHQ Maintained at 'Buy/4' by Investrend Research Analyst Shailesh Dhuri

REDONDO BEACH, CA -- (MARKET WIRE) -- September 8, 2005 -- CorpHQ (OTC: COHQ) was maintained at a Buy/4 rating by Investrend Research analyst Shailesh Dhuri in a ResearchNote, who stated the company's recently published quarterly unaudited balance sheet "showed all round improvement in all the parameters."

The analyst noted also that CorpHQ has upgraded its coverage from Benchmark to Institutional and that a new Institutional Update, including a "valuation model showing forecasts," is expected to be released within the next two weeks.

In its financial report, the analyst said the company showed:

1. The Cash on hand increased from $145,814 in June 2004 to $501,667 in June 2005; a 250% increase in one year.

2. The Fixed Assets increased from a mere $4,000 a year ago to $75,000 (approx.) in June 2005; indicating an all-round increase in the scale of the business.

3. The Long-term Liabilities fell to zero in June 2005 from $249,000 in June 2004; indicating a de-risked business model.

4. The Short-term Liabilities too decreased to $12,842 from $149,462; mirroring the strong cash flow generation by this business.

"We believe that a strengthened balance sheet is a key driver for future growth, and success of business strategies that the Company is vigorously following," he stated.

"However, the reported earnings fell from $548,897 in June 2004 quarter to $406,349 in June 2005. We believe that the decrease in quarterly earnings in case of an incubation business should not be a great cause of worry; as the un-audited balance sheet is showing strong overall growth, over previous year. Also, the earnings of the incubation business can also be affected by timing issues related to booking of investment valuation gains," the analyst concluded.

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