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April 21, 2009 14:33 ET

Correction: Caregivers Association Helps Nannies Recover Money

Collective Legal Action May Help Caregivers Recover Unlawful Fees

CORRECTION from Source - correct copy follows: Original ReleaseID 200904200010 In a previous press release issued by Canadian Caregivers Association at Apr 20 2009 6:10PM, errors occurred. The period for caregivers to contact the CCA regarding its fee recovery program is from April 20, 2009 to May 8, 2009 (previously listed as March 8, 2009). Attention: Business/Financial Editor, City Editor, News Editor, Government/Political Affairs Editor TORONTO, ON – MEDIA ADVISORY--(Marketwire - April 21, 2009) - Caregivers Association Helps Nannies Recover Money

TORONTO, ON - In its continuing efforts to improve the Live-In Caregiver program in Canada, the Canadian Caregivers Association (CCA) is offering a hand to caregivers who have been subjected to expropriate and unlawful fees.

Starting today, April 20th, through until May 8, 2009, the CCA is calling on all caregivers who feel that they may have been subject to illegal fees to contact them in order to obtain a refund. The CCA will ensure that involvement in this program will have no negative implication on the legal status of participants.

Caregivers in the community are more aware now than ever about the culture of exploitation that has emerged in some sectors, given recent stories in the media. Fees are illegally charged in provinces that ban placement costs and other charges are unlawful with regard to Canada-wide laws. Many caregivers may be eligible to get money back.

The CCA has received complaints from caregivers across Canada regarding high fees and questionable costs associated with their program. The CCA's response aims to take advantage of the current environment of awareness, by finding common grievances and covering the costs of legal action to investigate and, if possible, to recover fees that were charged illegally.

The CCA's continued efforts in Project 2009 - an initiative to curb abuses in the Live-In Caregiver program - are continuing to raise awareness and draw the attention of all levels of government.

Caregivers can send a confidential email to the CCA, via All names and contact information will be kept confidential.

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