April 23, 2012 12:44 ET

CORRECTION FROM SOURCE: giffgaff Launches Pop Up Shop to Communicate With Customers

Innovative Product Trial by Mobile Network Offering Products for Points Pop Up Shop

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM--(Marketwire - April 23, 2012) - This document corrects and replaces the release that was sent April 23, 2012 at 11:24 AM ET. The hyperlinks have been updated.

giffgaff, the mobile network that offers competitively priced pay as you go SIM cards, is launching its own pop up shop. Opening today (Monday 23rd April), for one week only, customers will be able to exchange earned points with a variety of giffgaff branded products.

The pop up shop will offer giffgaff customers a selection of bespoke products available at competitive 'prices' to engage with what currently appeals to their customers - which customers can then 'pay' for using their payback points. In addition to the PAYG pricing structure, community members are sent a free SIM card to welcome them to the family.

The pop up shop will offer products based on past customer suggestions, alongside ideas that giffgaff believe will benefit their customers. Products available at the pop up shop will include a giffgaff branded hoodie, giffgaff branded mini speakers, giffgaff branded iPhone cover and a giffgaff branded soft shell jacket. As giffgaff is keen to assess what products and price points appeal to giffgaff customers, a questionnaire and a poll will be carried out to gather as much customer input as possible.

Available for one week only, there will be a limit on how many products can be exchanged. giffgaff will offer one product per person to ensure that everyone gets the same opportunity to get their branded product, which is ordered in advance.

Once customers have made their selections they can see if their points add up and fill in the details to match their account information. There will be no cash or credit/debit card payment as all transactions will be carried out through giffgaff's point exchange system. In addition, there will be no delivery charge on products ordered from the shop.

The aim of the pop up shop is to garner current customer interest and expectation and to develop something more permanent and tangible for the future.

A spokesperson for giffgaff commented: "We are really pleased to see how previous ventures have brought us closer to the customer and expect our pop up shop to be a valuable measure of what our customers need and want. We think our customers will love paying with points and enjoy the swapping process. If the shop becomes something more permanent, customers will be happy to learn that they will have opportunity to swap, and swap again!"

Notes to editors

What is giffgaff?

  • giffgaff is a community-led SIM-only PAYG mobile operator which keeps costs low by encouraging its community members to help grow and run the business
  • giffgaff has an customer satisfaction index of 84% and a Net Promoter Score of 75% (July 11)
  • giffgaff will send you a free SIM and has a simple, competitive pricing structure for PAYG, with absolutely no sting in its tail:
    • Calls are charged at 10p per minute and 6p per text
    • Free member to member (giffgaff to giffgaff) calls and texts
    • Competitive international call rates
    • Free calls to 0800 numbers

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