GroveWare Technologies Ltd.

GroveWare Technologies Ltd.

August 06, 2012 09:37 ET

CORRECTION FROM SOURCE: GroveWare Technologies Completes Its Business Combination and Launches an Aggressive Expansion Plan

Merger Transaction Provides GroveWare with Access to Growth Capital in the Public Market on OTCQB

TORONTO, ONTARIO--(Marketwire - Aug. 6, 2012) - On April 6, 2012, ePhoto Image, Inc., a Nevada corporation (the "Company"), entered into a Merger Agreement with GroveWare Technologies Ltd. (OTCQB:GROV), a privately held Delaware corporation ("GroveWare"). The Company subsequently changed its name to GroveWare Technologies Ltd.

"Our company is pleased to have the merger process behind us and is now anxious to move ahead with its marketplace expansion," says Hrair Achkarian, its CEO. "We have spent the last three years developing, refining and testing our technology and establishing a host of channel partners including some of North America's largest wireless carriers and wireless device suppliers. As a public entity, we expect to be able to leverage the power of the market to properly capitalize our company and more effectively implement our growth plan."

GroveWare Technologies Ltd. is a leading provider of mobile solutions to enterprise and government, connecting workforces by mobile device to a wide selection of back-end systems and helping businesses, institutions and government departments and agencies to enhance productivity and reduce costs by mobilizing and automating business processes.

GroveWare's showcase software, MobiTask, is a wireless client application compatible with all smartphones and tablets including: iPhone®, iPad®, BlackBerry®, PlayBook™, and all devices using the Android™ or Windows Mobile® wireless platforms. MobiTask mobilizes employee tasks in the field and connects them directly to the organization's enterprise software systems. MobiTask allows organizations to rapidly and cost-effectively deploy mobile solutions for workers on the go. MobiTask provides the convenience of using dynamic electronic forms created using GroveWare's eXFORMA™ middleware to collect field data, manage workflow, HR and CRM tasks wirelessly, store documents locally and integrates quickly with most ERP systems and back-end databases on any application such as Oracle® e-Business Suite™, PeopleSoft™, SharePoint™, Kronos® Workforce Central™, MS Dynamics™ or SAP®. Users can remotely and wirelessly clock-in/out, approve and initiate workflow tasks, or use dynamic e-Forms for inspections, licensing and data collection all from their smartphones.

"We are confident that MobiTask is marketplace ready and the marketplace has certainly projected that it is ready for Mobitask. Our existing clients include the federal and several state governments and businesses of all sizes ranging from Fortune 1000 corporations to small and medium size companies and our pipeline of new opportunities grows larger every day, especially as a result of the constant stream of referrals received from our carrier partners. Our flagship product, MobiTask, is easily deployed into a virtually unlimited number of applications and into any organization that has employees working away from their offices."

GroveWare generates part of its income by charging a modest fee for the set up, integration and maintenance of the eXFORMA middleware, and occasionally from hosting the application on its own server network, but the bulk of its revenue is generated from monthly user license fees. This re-occurring revenue stream will assure the company a steady flow of cash to support its overhead and to produce the attractive returns typically available from technology-based companies. With dozens of agencies and companies already in the deployment and testing stage and hundreds of user licenses already in place, GroveWare intends to raise sufficient new capital to rapidly expand its sales, marketing and support staffing so as to be able to exploit the surging interest from new clients and the tens of thousands of potential users who have calculated the cost savings and productivity gains realizable from the use of MobiTask.

"The advent of smartphones and wireless tablets is dramatically changing how America does business; probably changes that will be as dramatic as those brought about by the introduction of PCs back in the 1980s," remarks Achkarian. "We intend to be in the forefront, and help to accelerate, that change. Our number of potential clients is enormous. Thousands of government departments and agencies at the federal, state and municipal level and millions of businesses across America have employees who work outside their offices. They could all benefit from the use of MobiTask and all are target customers for our company. We can mobilize business functions to all brands of smartphones and tablets for a fraction of the cost, and can have our customers up-and-running in weeks or days compared to the months typically required in the case of a custom-built solution. MobiTask offers our clients a highly-robust, extremely secure and cost-attractive way to use today's smartphone and tablet technology in an enterprise environment."

GroveWare is especially targeting the government, construction, healthcare, and law enforcement sectors and its successes to-date and rapidly growing interest from these and other quarters of business, provide exciting growth challenges and opportunities for the company.


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