League Assets Corp.

League Assets Corp.

February 26, 2009 19:46 ET

CORRECTION FROM SOURCE: League Members' Services Manager "Brewing Some Good News"

VICTORIA, BRITISH COLUMBIA--(Marketwire - Feb. 26, 2009) - A correction from source is being issued with regards to the release that was disseminated earlier today at 5:31 PM ET. The complete and corrected release follows.

League Assets Corporation is pleased to announce that Brad Stokes, the company's most senior Members' Services Manager, is being interviewed on several TV and radio programs across the country this week to promote "Brew Some Good Week", which runs March 2-8. Brew Some Good Week is Mr. Stoke's latest innovation to help make the world a better place.

A key message he'll be communicating on his media tour is that for the next year, through a sponsorship from Maxwell House, his book, Cool to be Kind: Random Acts and How to Commit Them, can be downloaded free from this website: www.brewsomegood.ca. The book was written to inspire random acts of kindness in one's community - or across the country - as Brad Stokes and The Kindness Crew already have.

The following is his TV schedule:

Breakfast Television - Toronto, Friday, February 27, 7:30 - 8:30 am

Canada AM - National, Monday, March 2, at 8:15 am

Breakfast Television - Vancouver, Wednesday, March 4, at 7:15 am and again before 8:30 am

League Assets' hope is that a million downloads of Mr. Stokes' book will be made in the year ahead. Word can be spread through Facebook or by word of mouth.

Besides being a senior member of League's services team, Mr. Stokes is currently studying Project Management as part of his employer's career development program and is working towards an MBA at Royal Roads University.

For more information about performing random acts of kindness please Google: "Brad Stokes, Kindness Crew".

League Assets Corp., manages the IGW REIT, one of North America's fastest growing private Real Estate Investment Trusts. The REIT comprises a portfolio of Canadian commercial and retail properties with assets now surpassing $300 million. The trust exists to find, acquire, improve, and manage the most profitable real estate properties across the nation, and to offer these opportunities to like-minded investors - referred to by League as its Member-Partners.

Profit Magazine ranked League ninth among the "Top 50 Emerging Growth Companies" in Canada for the year ending March 31, 2008. The company is also highly regarded for its commitment to sustainability and corporate philanthropy. A full information package is available in League's free "The Blue Book of Real Estate Syndication".

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