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September 22, 2005 17:48 ET

CORRECTION FROM SOURCE-Mena Resources Inc.: Increible 6 Project, Venezuela-Additional Results Released/17,800 Metres in 149 Drill Holes Completed to Date

VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA--(CCNMatthews - Sept. 22, 2005) - Mena (TSX VENTURE:MEA) hereby re-issues its September 22, 2005 news release with clarified wording regarding the estimates of the possible deposit at the Increible 6 Project, Venezuela.

Mena Resources Inc. is pleased to announce that Mena's joint venture partner, Mineria MS has provided additional results from an ongoing diamond drilling program on the Increible 6 Project located in the El Callao District of Bolivar State, Venezuela.

A total of 149 drill holes (17,800 metres) ranging in length between 24 metres and 305 metres have been drilled since late November 2004. Drilling to date has been focused on the near surface portion of the mineralized system and only eight drill holes are longer than 200 metres.

Results have been received for the majority of these holes with further sampling ongoing of additional holes and open ended mineralized zones. Highlights of the mineralized intercepts are included in tables below. A complete table of drilling results to date will be posted on the Company's web site.

Excellent grades and widths continue to be returned from the Ingrid/Elisa mineralized zone. The zone is open to the east as holes EL-09, EL-19, and EL-29 were completed on the farthest east section tested to date and averaged 4.73 g/t Au across 18.0 metres.

Ingrid / Elisa
DDH total Zone sampling Mineralized Intercepts
# length name status from to m Au g/t
ddhIN-02 62.0m Ingrid complete 38.0 57.0 19.0 6.75
ddhIN-06 63.0m Ingrid complete 25.0 52.5 27.5 1.88
ddhIN-11 48.5m Ingrid complete 45.0 52.0 7.0 4.85
ddhIN-14 66.0m Ingrid complete 29.0 57.0 28.0 1.66
ddhEL-09 96.0m Elisa complete 60.0 80.5 20.5 5.66
ddhEL-10 88.5m Elisa complete 47.0 62.5 15.5 4.63
ddhEL-16 162.5m Elisa complete 50.0 61.5 11.5 2.44
and Ingrid complete 104.0 132.0 28.0 6.76
ddhEL-17 172.5m Elisa complete 115.0 126.0 11.0 5.79
ddhEL-18 151.0m Elisa complete 125.5 141.5 16.0 4.97
ddhEL-19 183.0m Elisa complete 131.0 155.0 24.0 4.06
ddhEL-20 159.0m Elisa complete 112.0 123.0 11.0 2.81
and Elisa complete 138.0 153.0 15.0 3.25
ddhEL-21 148.5m Elisa complete 112.0 123.0 11.0 2.81
ddhEL-28 162.0m Elisa complete 128.0 146.5 18.5 4.03
ddhEL-29 210.0m Elisa complete 159.5 169.0 9.5 4.41
ddhEL-30 217.5m Elisa complete 128.0 138.4 10.4 5.69
ddhEL-46 197.5m Elisa complete 106.8 116.0 9.2 8.59
ddhEL-48 252.5m Elisa complete 114.0 130.0 16.0 3.44
Ingrid complete 186.5 196.9 10.4 7.85
Ingrid complete 215.4 228.0 12.6 9.13
ddhEL-50 233.5m Elisa complete 119.5 124.0 4.5 3.21
and Elisa complete 165.0 195.5 30.5 2.12

Drilling has greatly expanded the Cristina zone including the first set of holes to test the eastern extension known as the Fortuna structure. Results include:

Cristina / Fortuna
DDH total Zone sampling Mineralized Intercepts
# length name status from to m Au g/t
ddhCr-03 75.0m Cristina complete 22.0 39.0 17.0 3.74
ddhCr-04 58.5m Cristina complete 35.0 52.0 17.0 2.83
ddhCr-06 75.0m Cristina complete 60.0 69.5 9.5 18.08
ddhCr-07 75.0m Cristina complete 49.5 55.5 6.0 16.72
IC-05-76 117.7m Fortuna complete 67.0 71.0 4.0 6.48
IC-05-77 163.0m Fortuna complete 22.0 34.0 12.0 6.48
and Fortuna complete 39.0 53.0 14.0 1.29
IC-05-78 141.0m Fortuna open 62.0 69.0 7.0 2.86
and Fortuna open 91.0 92.8 1.8 8.34
IC-05-79 129.3m Fortuna complete 37.0 46.0 9.0 3.02
and Fortuna complete 53.1 56.0 2.9 4.38
IC-05-80 Fortuna complete 67.0 74.0 7.0 1.52

The first set of results has been received from the eastern end of the mineralized belt at the Culebra Zone. Additional sampling within this area is ongoing. Results to date include:

DDH total Zone sampling Mineralized Intercepts
# length name status from to m Au g/t
IC-05-32 305.0m Culebra complete 27.0 41.0 14.0 1.80
and Culebra open 51.0 72.0 21.0 1.01
IC-05-33 147.0m Culebra open 51.0 84.0 33.0 2.03
and Culebra open 91.0 96.0 5.0 1.88
IC-05-34 144.0m Culebra complete 33.0 47.0 14.0 4.50
and Culebra open 58.0 69.0 11.0 4.56
and Culebra complete 77.5 81.0 3.5 4.24
IC-05-35 156.0m Culebra complete 35.0 42.5 7.5 4.36
IC-05-38 115.0m Culebra open 21.0 63.0 42.0 1.81
and Culebra open 51.0 58.0 7.0 3.23
IC-05-40 142.0m Culebra open 20.0 50.0 30.0 1.11
and Culebra complete 111.5 116.0 4.5 6.84
IC-05-42 133.0m Culebra open 123.0 126.0 3.0 3.11
IC-05-43 132.0m Culebra open 19.5 30.0 10.5 1.57
IC-05-44 158.0m Culebra open 78.0 92.0 14.0 4.00
IC-05-46 156.0m Culebra open 36.0 45.0 9.0 0.81
and Culebra open 108.0 126.0 18.0 0.99
and Culebra open 135.0 138.2 3.2 1.78
IC-05-50 150.0m Culebra complete 29.0 48.0 19.0 0.72
and Culebra complete 109.0 129.0 20.0 0.83
IC-05-56 102.4m Culebra complete 76.0 79.0 3.0 2.44

A possible mineral deposit is currently estimated of between four and five million tonnes grading 4.0 and 4.5 grams per tonne gold(i). Gold in ounces contained within this material ranges from 500,000 and 720,000 ounces. All zones are open and will be the targets of further exploration and drilling.

(i) NOTE: These estimates do not represent a 43-101 compliant resource. The potential quantity and grade is conceptual in nature, as there has been insufficient exploration to define a mineral resource on the Property and that it is uncertain if further exploration will result in discovery of a mineral resource. The potential quantity and grade has been determined by a preliminary study using cross sections constructed every 50 metres, and including more than 8800 assays. Weighted averages were calculated for the mineralized intercepts. Mineralization was projected half the distance to the nearest cross section to a maximum of 50 metres.

The portion of the mineralized system currently included in the estimate is less than 50% of the gold anomalous area on surface. Several additional mineralized zones remain to be tested including the Chiguire - Payara Zone which extends three kilometres and includes numerous small scale past producing gold zones. Recent surface sampling completed on these zones has been directed at expanding and further defining the previously identified gold anomalous areas. Drilling will commence shortly on these targets.

A preliminary inferred resource calculation will be established by an independent qualified person following completion of all assays related to the completed phase of drilling. Numerous drill targets exist on all mineralized zones and additional drilling is scheduled to begin shortly.

Additional details on the Increible 6 Gold Project including property geology and mineralization as well as maps showing the location of the mineralized zones are available on the Company's web site at

Drilling was conducted by Major Drilling of Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada and RS Perforaciones of Ciudad Bolivar, Venezuela. All drill core sampling has been completed using industry standard practices and one half of the core remains for inspection and reference.

Primary sample analyses have been conducted at Mineria's Emilia Facility assay lab, Venezuela, with a regular series of checks and duplicates analysed by SGS Labs of Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Additional QA/QC for a portion of the drilling program involved the use of SGS as primary lab including the preparation and analyses of the drill samples with corresponding check analyses completed at the Emilia Lab. Further check assays of selected samples have been completed at Triad Labs, El Dorado, Venezuela. A review of the QA/QC results shows excellent repeatability between the various labs and no significant bias. All results are considered highly reliable. Sample rejects for all drill samples are stored in Mena's secure facilities in Tumeremo, Venezuela, and will continue to be available for any further testing which may be required. All QA/QC has been completed under the direction of G.F. Smith of Mena Resources.

Qualified Person - Gregory F. Smith, PGeo is the Qualified Person as defined by National Instrument 43-101 responsible for the technical data reported in this news release.

Increible 6, along with two other Venezuelan gold projects, are within a joint venture agreement between Mena Resources Inc. and Mineria MS, funded through General Mining de Guyana C.A. Mena's 24% interest is carried through the first US$15 million in expenditures.

Mena is a junior mining company focusing on gold and base metal exploration in Latin America. The Company currently has projects in Venezuela, Chile, and Honduras and is listed on the TSX Venture Exchange under the symbol MEA.


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