Innovative Software Direct plc

December 21, 2010 09:12 ET

Correction of 'conversion of loan notes' announcement

21 December 2010

                                  INNOVATIVE SOFTWARE DIRECT PLC
                                     (the "Company" or "ISD")
   Correction of "Conversion of Loan Notes & Results of the AGM" announcement of 6 December 2010

The Board would like to correct the announcement of 6 December 2010.

The  announcement incorrectly referred to M Isaacs and G Doffman having a beneficial  interest  in
the ordinary shares of ISD of 5,814,999 (26.43%) and 2,332,500 (10.6%) respectively.

The  announcement should have stated that these holdings related to legal and beneficial  holdings
of  Mrs   N  Isaacs and her connected companies and Mrs R Doffman and her connected  companies  of
5,814,999 (26.43%) and 2,332,500 (10.6%) ordinary shares, respectively.

The Board accepts responsibility for the content of this announcement.


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