January 16, 2015 16:54 ET

CORRECTION - SPiN New York "Schools" Students on the Joys of Table Tennis

Table Tennis Club Partners With Youth League to Donate Tables to Local Public Schools

NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwired - January 16, 2015) - CORRECTION - In the press release dated January 14, 2015, inaccurate information was published regarding STIGA's relationship with SPiN and the usage of the word "ping-pong" as opposed to "table tennis". We apologize for any confusion this error may have created. 

SPiN, the international network of table tennis social clubs and STIGA, the world leader in table tennis manufacturing, has teamed up with the American Youth Table Tennis Organization (AYTTO) to coordinate a donation of 16 table tennis tables to New York City high schools, in an effort to share the comradery and sportsmanship which table tennis creates among underprivileged youth.

This past spring, New York City's Public Schools Athletic League (PSAL) was the first major school district in the nation to recognize table tennis as an official varsity sport. Stuyvesant High School alone had over 250 students attend the initial try out meeting, however, despite the great interest from students, lack of funding to cover the sport's initial start-up costs prevents most schools from having a formal table tennis program. The recent donation by SPiN and STIGA will help ease the financial burden placed on public school athletic programs.

The gifted table tennis tables -- provided by SPiN and STIGA -- are standard regulation size and coated with a special varnish to provide the right amount of gloss, ideal frictional coefficient and most importantly to deliver evenness and consistency of the ball rebound. Each participating school requires three institutional durable table tennis tables to execute their programs, which can cost more than $1,500 each. The lifespan of each table is approximately five to seven years, meaning annual maintenance costs are low ($100 or less thereafter), but with increasing budget constraints, the initial investment is too high for most schools to justify starting a new program.

"This gift is truly significant and will mark a huge step for the game of table tennis in our schools' Physical Education curriculum. Our goal is to provide urban school students with the opportunity to learn this exciting and strategic sport while teaching leadership, fitness and teamwork. SPiN and STIGA are helping to spread this message and we are extremely grateful!" says AYTTO Director, Ben Nesbet.

"This is exciting for our students," said Eric Goldstein, Chief Executive Officer of the DOE Office of School Support Services. "Table tennis has engaged many of our students and this generous donation from SPiN, STIGA and the American Youth Table Tennis Organization will bring the joy and value of this sport to even more children. I look forward to our continued partnership with these organizations."

Now in its 4th year, the table giveaway program has been made possible by The SPiN Foundation, the non-profit arm of the global table tennis company, whose mission is to support the communities that SPiN call home, with a focus on youth. "SPiN prides itself on creating an environment that fosters shared experiences with an emphasis on fun, and is pleased to provide New York City high school students with access to the culture of table tennis," says Pieter Vanermen, CEO of SPiN.

Vanermen adds, "Our philosophy is about being all-inclusive. Bringing the game of table tennis into local schools is a great way to give back and share our love of the sport with young players of all skill level." The tables will be placed in local schools in January with plenty of time to kick off the sport's March season.

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SPiN is a network of international table tennis venues that combine an unusual mixture of sport, design and entertainment. Offering unique day and nighttime entertainment, the clubs feature table tennis courts, a full bar, restaurant and private VIP room. Memberships are available but are not necessary to reserve a table tennis table, take part in the nightly events, tournaments, private table tennis instruction with professional players, and casual socializing and play. Venues are currently located in New York, Los Angeles, Toronto and Dubai.

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About American Youth Table Tennis Organization:

American Youth Table Tennis Organization: AYTTO is a 501c3 not for profit organization dedicated to introducing the wonderful and challenging sport of table tennis to New York City School Students and beyond. Established in 2003, we forge partnerships with schools, community based organizations, table tennis clubs, coaches and our partners to create exciting after school instruction, weekend table tennis academies and events for the benefit of urban youth.

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