October 07, 2009 07:01 ET

Correlsense Announces Free Subscription Licenses of SharePath RUM, an Enterprise-Class Real User Measurement (RUM) Tool

Declares RUM Tools Are Commodities(!) That Merely Determine Transaction Round Trip Response Times; Don't Pinpoint Causes Behind Transaction Slowdowns at Every Hop in the Data Center

NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwire - October 7, 2009) - Correlsense, a leading provider of IT Reliability™ solutions through business transaction management, today announced it will be offering free, one-year subscription licenses for SharePath RUM, its enterprise-class Real User Measurement (RUM) tool effective October 7th.

Many vendors in the application performance management space offer RUM tools in the $100K-150K price range, which merely tell IT how long a transaction takes to complete for end-users, but offer little insight as to the cause of these latencies. Therefore these are limited tools that are not integrated into a complete end-to-end solution such as Correlsense SharePath, which monitors transactions across every hop in the datacenter to reconstruct and correlate a complete transaction trace. SharePath enables IT departments to determine what, where and why the transaction has slowed down.

For example, an insurance company may learn that it takes six seconds too long on average for consumers to complete an auto quote. What RUM tools cannot determine is where the transaction is getting stuck, or, if the transaction is passing through four, five or six stops inside the data center, and where these stops are. This leads to a manual and highly time-consuming process of information gathering from many other monitoring tools which may or may not pinpoint the problem.

"Real User Measurements (RUM) tools are merely a partial gateway to ensure better and more consistent business outcomes. As such they are a commodity like email and should be priced accordingly. Why spend upwards of 150K on a 'stop watch' when what IT really needs is to solve the whole problem," said Lanir Shacham, Correlsense CTO.

Continued Shacham, "In order to truly impact customer retention, ensure more positive online brand experiences, and improve user satisfaction, companies must be able to determine not only 'how long' a transaction takes, but address the core issues behind what is causing the transaction latency at each hop along the way in the data center, across applications, infrastructure components, inside the browser, etc."

SharePath, a service management and performance management application, provides a breakthrough in IT Reliability by enabling for the first time both a birds-eye and detailed view of how business transactions perform across the four dimensions (4D) of end-users, applications, infrastructure and business processes. SharePath is used by enterprises to monitor business transactions and rapidly pinpoint and solve performance problems.

SharePath not only provides network and data center latencies, it is also the only end-to-end product that can determine the browser rendering time for all individual transaction activations. This enables the breakdown of real user measurements to every last transaction segment in the data center.

"We believe it's time to stop throwing tools at parts of the problem and address the difficult task of dynamically detecting and monitoring the entire path of each transaction. The reason we are giving away SharePath RUM is our belief that when IT organizations see what it can do and how the rest of our SharePath product fills out the full transaction picture, they will want the full solution," said Shacham.

SharePath and SharePath RUM have been specially designed with an environment independent architecture in order to provide a single solution for all applications and platforms.

SharePath RUM is available free for a one-year term license, though some professional services fees (up to 10 days maximum) may be required. Full support and maintenance will be provided by Correlsense.

To learn more and apply for the SharePath RUM free subscription license please visit www.real-user-monitoring.com. SharePath RUM is also available through Maryville Technologies (www.maryville.com), a leading independent IT professional services firm and certified SharePath reseller.

About Correlsense

Correlsense SharePath provides a breakthrough in IT Reliability™ by enabling for the first time both a birds-eye and detailed view of how business transactions perform across the four dimensions (4D) of end-users, applications, infrastructure and business processes. While other service management and performance management applications focus on identifying problems at individual components (servers, data bases, etc.), SharePath automatically detects and traces each entire transaction path, from a click in the browser through all its hops across data center tiers. With the ability to record and correlate individual transaction activations across both physical and virtual components, IT gains full visibility of the transaction metrics required to ensure IT Reliability™ for packaged, homegrown, and hosted applications. The rich data from SharePath is used by major enterprises to rapidly pinpoint and solve problems and to gain unprecedented insights for their IT Service Management initiatives such as ITIL. For more information please visit www.correlsense.com.

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