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February 17, 2015 08:00 ET

Corsearch Tops World Trademark Review Survey Among Trademark Search Providers

In-House Counsel and Private Practitioners Alike Rate Corsearch Highest in "True Value for Money" in Trademark Search and Watching

NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwired - Feb 17, 2015) - Wolters Kluwer Corsearch --  Corsearch, the leading global provider of brand clearance and protection solutions, today announced it has been ranked first in all of the performance measurements of the trademark search category, as well as in overall provider rating, in World Trademark Review's annual global survey of in-house corporate and law firm trademark counsel. The trademark search and brand protection provider also topped two of four performance categories for trademark watching services.

In the World Trademark Review survey, almost 800 trademark practitioners rated service providers in trademark Searching and Watching. Participants were asked to identify and rate, on a scale of 1 to 10, the services they received across the sectors examined.

  • The Clear Leader in Trademark Searching. Corsearch ranked #1 in the trademark search category, receiving an 8.05 score overall, but also ranked #1 in relevance of records received (7.88), #1 in usability and delivery timing of reports (8.41), and #1 in linguistic capability (7.65). Finally, Corsearch led among all providers in likelihood that the practitioners surveyed would recommend them to colleagues, with an 8.27 score.
  • Leading in Relevance and Linguistics in Trademark Watching. Corsearch ranked #2 overall in this category, receiving a 7.53 overall rating (well over the average rating of 7.36 across all providers), and it led in terms of relevance of notices (7.58) and in linguistic capability (7.37). Its ratings in flexibility and usability of results (7.44) and in likelihood of recommending the service provider (7.65) easily exceeded averages in these categories.

"At a time when budgets remain tight, a crucial question to ask is whether you are getting true value for money from your suppliers," said Trevor Little, editor of World Trademark Review. "An equally important consideration is whether you are getting what you actually need, rather than what suppliers think you need or find easiest to supply."

The survey revealed that customer service and ongoing support continued to lead in top factors, along with value. "We know that we are only as good as our last search, our last watch notice. Ensuring that we identify relevant risks quickly for our customers without surrounding those risks with a lot of noise that distracts them is our job #1," said Tobias Hartmann, General Manager of Corsearch. "We invest heavily in training and educating our analysts, as well as our sales and service team members, so that we can provide best-in-class service. We specifically have developed unique tools for our search and watch analysts to maximize discovery, and listen and respond to our clients' specific needs and preferences."

Equally important are the tools and services that maximize usability of that content. "It's paramount that we maximize both the targeted nature of our reports and the utility of the tools in which they are delivered," said Steve Stolfi, Vice President of Sales & Strategic Partnerships. "Our tools allow clients to dig as deep as they want and convert their analysis into their own output for their internal and external clients."

The focus on highly targeted research, time-saving tools, and unparalleled service is one that has been shared within Corsearch's fast-expanding global business. Corsearch's trademark coverage has now surpassed 150 jurisdictions worldwide, providing a unique combination of breadth and innovative solutions. Across all of its services, Corsearch drives its goals to assist clients in improving their review time, reduce internal costs, and eliminate the need for duplicative services.

The World Trademark Review is the world's only independent multimedia publication dedicated exclusively to reporting on trademark issues for in-house and private practitioners internationally. The complete Global Trademark Survey was published in the February/March 2015 issue as part of the 53rd edition of World Trademark Review.

About Corsearch
Corsearch, a Wolters Kluwer business, is the leading provider of clearance and protection services and tools to trademark and brand professionals worldwide. Corsearch's international reach allows customers to clear trademarks in more than 150 countries worldwide and its customer-designed user interface empowers customers to clear their trademarks, brands, and domain names and protect their value throughout their lifetime, using best-in-class research content on its streamlined and easy-to-use platform. Ranked #1 in overall quality by World Trademark Review's 2015 survey of trademark professionals worldwide, Corsearch ( services include Avantiq's international research project work and CitizenHawk's domain name and online brand protection businesses.

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