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January 28, 2015 10:00 ET

Corvil Kicks Off 2015 With 45 Thousand Terabytes of Data Worth $170 Billion Analyzed on a Daily Basis

Leading Provider of Real-Time Data Analytics in Financial Markets Reveals Milestones From Its Biggest Year Yet

DUBLIN, IRELAND--(Marketwired - Jan 28, 2015) - Corvil, the IT data analytics company to run your business in the now, today announced its most successful year to-date, reaching several significant milestones at the close of 2014. Over the course of the year, the company has grown to:

  • Monitor over 90% of all the world's equity trading data, totalling $170 billion worth of financial transactions a day
  • Customers include 18 out of the 20 largest stock exchanges and global banks to ensure the health and performance of the world's most important financial data
  • Capture, decode and index 45 petabytes (45,000 terabytes) of data on a daily basis
  • Help internal IT teams reduce Mean Time To Resolution of network issues from as much as 15 days to 15 minutes
  • Achieve its most successful quarter to-date, increasing 2014 Q4 bookings by 155% vs 2013 Q4 bookings

"Modern financial markets have created a new paradigm for how business is done, relying on advanced IT systems to deliver performance, operational intelligence and governance at speeds and scales previously not possible," said Donal Byrne, CEO of Corvil. "Infrastructure performance and data analytics solutions must be able to drive the business vs. reacting to it, which is why Corvil has become the leader in the space. In 2015 we will continue to invest in marketing, sales and R&D to fuel growth and expand our leadership position in the financial markets and into adjacent verticals where IT performance and real-time operational intelligence are critical to the business."

Corvil has become the go-to big data analytics solution for the financial markets because the vertical has the most demanding real-time and trusted data requirements across the enterprise, driven by government regulation, break-neck performance requirements and ever-increasing reliance on the network as the backbone to keep the business running in real-time. Originally designed to monitor up to nanosecond latency and ensure that network transactions were accurate and timely, Corvil has expanded to provide end-to-end operational intelligence from wire data across over 400 application protocols, with a new analytics plug-ins developed monthly.

"The demand for meaningful operational intelligence to better inform both IT and business operations continues to grow, reaching mission-critical status in a steadily increasing number of organizations," said Jim Frey, Vice President, Enterprise Management Associates. "The Corvil solution has been designed to address such needs for teams supporting businesses across all industry verticals. Corvil made notable progress in 2014 via extensions to its new Streaming Analytics Platform, including global data search and open wire data streams for Splunk, kdb, Hadoop and others."

In Q1 2015, Corvil plans to release an enhanced version of its Streaming Analytics Platform as well as other, currently unannounced products designed to continue the company's leadership in financial and IT wire data analytics.

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About Corvil
Corvil is the IT data analytics company for business in the Now™. The Corvil streaming analytics platform transforms IT data into real-time operational intelligence to provide an order of magnitude improvement in the speed to see, understand and act on business as it's happening. Corvil provides the full picture of customers, business and IT infrastructure all interacting together in real-time. It does this by making sense of the raw IT data streaming through the network, enriching it with analytics and making it accessible, searchable and consumable. Corvil is built to handle the low-latency, high-performance and big data analytics requirements for the world's most demanding real-time businesses. It is used to monitor billions of transactions per day and is trusted to provide real-time operational analytics that powers decision and action in the Now.

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