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June 28, 2016 09:00 ET

Corvil Launches App Agent to Extend Transaction Transparency Inside the Application

Eliminates Blind Spots With Ultra-Low Overhead, Easy Integration, and Accurate Timestamping

DUBLIN, IRELAND--(Marketwired - Jun 28, 2016) -  Corvil today announced the launch of App Agent, a new solution designed to deliver added visibility into applications with low overhead and nanosecond granularity for event timestamping. This solution extends Corvil's real-time analytics capability into application internals, allowing companies to drill down and track performance and latency of transactions through various events contained entirely within a software process. This capability allows companies to gain visibility to when application decisions are made and when data is sent and received -- transparency that is increasingly important for digital and algorithmic businesses of all kinds and required by the increasing regulatory climate in which they operate.

Accurate event identification and timestamping at a granular level is critical in understanding sequencing of events as required for MiFID II, performance management and optimization, and fluctuations to understand potential malicious or anomalous activity. Being able to provide this level of visibility without increasing application overhead and reducing overall performance or user experience is unique to Corvil. The App Agent efficiently offloads the work of event timestamping and publishing, keeping code lean and fast, with an overhead impact to less than 10 nanoseconds. Designed for the most demanding and volatile environments, the App Agent can sustain over 200,000 events per second and can buffer data to support higher bursts. With the App Agent, customers can immediately identify performance bottlenecks within application functions and latency hotspots, allowing them to optimise applications and monitor operational performance.

"The Corvil App Agent is an important extension of our capability providing low-overhead visibility and transparency to the performance of application internals. Now, our customers can have have a precise view of all events that happen both between machines and within machines from one single analytics platform," says Donal Byrne, CEO of Corvil.

Corvil App Agent is provided as a software library with a simple API that supports multiple languages and makes custom integrations easy with minimal dependencies. The App Agent can facilitate solutions to complex problems like:

  • Providing end-to-end transaction transparency, within applications, to identify bottlenecks or performance fluctuations
  • Measuring accurate latency within software only systems such as delivery of market-data to a client application via a software callback.
  • Compliance reporting (e.g., MiFID II) in low latency environments. App Agent ensures application overhead is kept to the absolute minimum, even when software events need to be logged.
  • Adding reliable microsecond performance results to application development and test processes.

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