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April 11, 2017 09:00 ET

Corvil Launches New Software-Defined Sensor Technology for Real-Time Packet Visibility and Forensics in the Cloud

Corvil Sensor Enables Performance and Security of Business-Critical Workloads in any Cloud or Hybrid Cloud Environment

DUBLIN, IRELAND--(Marketwired - Apr 11, 2017) - Corvil today announced Corvil Sensor, a software-defined solution for packet-level instrumentation of virtual machines in public, private and hybrid cloud infrastructures. Unlike competing approaches, Corvil Sensor uses a Smart Streaming architecture optimized for real-time, reliable and always-on monitoring and analysis of business-critical workloads in the Cloud. With Corvil Sensor, customers can now extend the comprehensive operational, security and business analytics solution provided by Corvil to public, private and hybrid cloud architectures.

Most enterprise organizations today wish to realize the benefits of cloud economics and agility but are concerned about the lack of enterprise-grade monitoring, diagnostics to assure performance, and security and compliance obligations required by many businesses. As these enterprises migrate critical applications and workloads to the Cloud, it is challenging to achieve the same levels of visibility and diagnostics that are available for on-premise applications. Real-time, continuous access to packet-based analytics is not provided by any public Cloud provider today. This means organizations have had to forgo that visibility, thus complicating troubleshooting, incident investigation and service level assurance.

Corvil Sensor solves this problem for Corvil customers looking to migrate to cloud and hybrid cloud infrastructure. Corvil sensor is provided as a low-overhead software daemon that can be instantiated on a virtual machine in seconds. Full Corvil analytics can be instrumented dynamically and broadly within the Cloud with live insights and intelligence for HTTP, Database and Storage and other applications displayed on existing customer dashboards within a few minutes of initial turn-up of the Corvil Sensor. The solution assures seamless and reliable access to intelligence from time-stamped packet data streams across private and public infrastructure, giving Corvil customers the same level of diagnostics, forensics and analytics they use to operate their business in non-Cloud infrastructure with no new tooling or training. Corvil Sensor also allows customers to instantly compare performance and application behavior between on-prem and cloud-deployed workloads, and between different cloud providers, side-by-side on the same dashboards.

"Corvil Sensor is a game changer for customers wishing to leverage our real-time analytics and forensics solution in the cloud," says Donal O'Sullivan, VP of Product Management at Corvil. "We believe our unique approach for assuring reliable and smart delivery of streaming packet data from connected virtual machines achieves superior performance and lower cost compared to competing approaches."

Corvil Sensor's software instrumentation empowers organizations to:

  • Maintain the same packet-level visibility before, during and after workload migration to public, private or hybrid cloud architectures.
  • Obtain complete understanding of how software, network, load-balancers, firewalls and other cloud infrastructure impact application performance.
  • Achieve enterprise grade network forensics for advanced cybersecurity surveillance.
  • Simplify and automate deployment of ubiquitous monitoring coverage to improve productivity.
  • Dramatically reduce the cost of extending packet-level visibility and analytics to cloud and remote infrastructures that were previously cost prohibitive

With Corvil Sensor, early access customers have already seen the following benefits:

  • A global bank eliminated the need for physical appliance deployment in its private cloud infrastructure -- reducing application deployment time from weeks to minutes.
  • A large US bank eliminated 4 days of troubleshooting time spent obtaining packets from its cloud infrastructure provider.
  • A SaaS company protected workload migration from on-premise to public cloud infrastructure by using packet-based surveillance to eliminate security blind-spots.

Corvil Sensor will be generally available starting in May 2017 and is offered for free to all customers. For more information about Corvil Sensor, or to contact a Corvil representative, please visit

What Analysts are Saying about Corvil Sensor:

451 Research
"Workload migration to cloud architectures introduces infrastructure scale and dynamism that requires radical changes to service performance monitoring deployments and economics," said Jim Duffy, Senior Analyst, Networking, 451 Research. "Packet level visibility and analytics becomes the driving force for optimizing and securing complex cloud environments, and Corvil helps businesses ensure service delivery meets users' expectations."

EMA Research
"According to EMA research, IT teams continue to struggle with monitoring application performance in cloud-based and complex environments," said Dennis Drogseth, Vice President at Enterprise Management Associates. "The impact of lack of visibility on managing digital experiences is only growing as more enterprise transactions traverse a complex mix of public cloud, private cloud and virtualized datacenters. Corvil's approach to delivering consistent application/infrastructure visibility across a mixed environment can significantly aid in optimizing the digital experience from both an IT and a business perspective."

ESG Research
"Big data is increasingly about how to get analytics value from any data anywhere," said Nik Rouda, Senior Analyst at ESG. "The challenge for IT operations and security use cases is collecting the right data to enable their analytics. Network data from within public and hybrid cloud environments has been a missing link, and deploying physical appliances into the cloud is not feasible. Corvil Sensor's software minimizes the effort and cost of obtaining high-quality data from the cloud environments and provides critical visibility."

About Corvil
Corvil is the industry leader for deriving Operational, Security, and Business intelligence from network data. As companies adopt faster and smarter machine technology, it becomes critical to tap into richer and more granular machine data sources to safeguard the transparency, performance and security of critical infrastructure and business applications. The Corvil streaming analytics platform captures, decodes, and learns from network data on the fly, transforming it into machine-time intelligence for network, IT, security and business teams to operate efficiently and securely in this new machine world. Corvil uses an open architecture to integrate the power of its network data analytics with the overall IT ecosystem providing increased automation and greater operational and business value outcomes for its users.

The Corvil solution is trusted by leading financial institutions to safeguard their businesses across the globe involving 354 trillion messages with a daily transaction value in excess of $1 trillion.

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