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February 28, 2012 10:00 ET

Corydon Chiropractor Announces Auto Accident Injury Treatment

CORYDON, IN--(Marketwire - Feb 28, 2012) - Southern Indiana car accident victims have a new option for pain management. Harrison County Chiropractic announced that the practice provides spinal adjustments for managing back pain, headaches and migraines, and neck pain caused by a car crash. Non-invasive treatment options incorporate spinal adjustments with corrective care exercises, to help restore a natural range of motion to the body. The practice serves the communities of Floyd Knobs, New Albany and Brandenburg.

Corydon chiropractor Dr. Renee Tornatore announced that Harrison County Chiropractic has had significant success treating patients for auto accident injuries. The practice offers a combination of spinal adjustments with corrective care exercises to manage pain and restore movement to the body.

"Even a minor fender bender can cause serious trauma to the musculoskeletal system. When this occurs, the body needs help healing," said Dr. Tornatore. "Until proper alignment is restored, patients will continue to experience neck and back pain."

The force of impact from a car accident can whip the neck backwards and forwards, leading to neck pain and a condition known as whiplash. Other accident victims may experience a herniated disc in their lower back, which occurs when the body moves abruptly in one direction but the seatbelt holds the pelvis back.

"A seatbelt is a critical safety tool, but by restricting movement, some accident victims also experience a herniated disc in the lower back," said Dr. Casey Runnels, a Corydon chiropractor with the practice. "If this disc compresses nearby nerves, like the sciatic nerve, accident victims may experience a radiating pain sensation in the lower back, legs and buttocks. Unfortunately, as long as this misalignment continues, patients will be in pain."

According to Dr. Tornatore and Dr. Runnels, chiropractic adjustments are an essential treatment for healing following an auto accident injury such as whiplash, back pain and neck pain. "Patients choose our practice because of our unique approach to wellness," said Dr. Tornatore. "Traditionally, medical care relies primarily on prescription painkillers to manage pain. Instead, we treat whiplash and other auto accident injuries by focusing on the underlying injury in addition to managing pain symptoms."

When a patient first visits the clinic, the chiropractors use x-rays and other diagnostic tools to identify the spinal subluxation that is responsible for the patient's pain. Once this misalignment is identified, the chiropractors use gentle, hands-on adjustments to restore alignment.

The chiropractors frequently recommend corrective care exercises to complement the adjustments. These exercises are designed to help strengthen the core, improve balance and flexibility, and restore a full range of movement to the injured body.

"When the body sustains an injury or is in pain, it is only natural to restrict movement," said Dr. Runnels. "Unfortunately, coupled with a misalignment, this restricted range of motion can strain other body parts, leading to new injuries and pain. Corrective exercises are a safe way to begin becoming physically active following an injury."

Auto accident injury victims who are struggling with muscle soreness or chronic pain can learn more about the practice's natural treatments or schedule an appointment by visiting the website at:

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