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April 15, 2012 10:00 ET

Corydon Chiropractor Demonstrates Benefits of Natural Back Pain Relief Treatment

CORYDON, IN--(Marketwire - Apr 15, 2012) - Harrison County Chiropractic in Corydon, IN uses natural healing techniques for back pain patients. According to chiropractor Dr. Renee Tornatore, pain is often caused by a misalignment in the musculoskeletal system, such as a herniated disc. Adjustments can help restore proper alignment to the body. The wellness center provides natural pain management treatments as an alternative to surgery or pain medication. Treatments include spinal adjustments and corrective exercises.

Dr. Renee Tornatore, a chiropractor with Harrison County Chiropractic, is urging back pain patients to seek treatment from a chiropractor. According to Dr. Tornatore, an underlying misalignment of the spine can lead to chronic pain. A chiropractor can help identify this subluxation and restore alignment to the body, enhancing overall wellness.

"While prescription painkillers can provide some pain relief, back pain does not go away or get better on its own," said Dr. Tornatore. "In fact, without proper treatment, this pain can worsen over time. As a chiropractor, my job is to identify the underlying cause for pain. Oftentimes, this cause is a herniated disc in the back. A slip and fall, natural wear and tear over time, or even a traumatic auto accident injury can lead to this pain."

Dr. Tornatore recommends that patients seek prompt treatment following an accident. According to Dr. Tornatore, many patients do not experience serious pain symptoms until weeks or even months after an auto accident injury. Without prompt diagnosis and treatment, however, scar tissue may begin to form, which can exacerbate pain and slow the healing process.

"Following an accident, prompt treatment from a chiropractor is essential to helping patients quickly and safely heal," said Dr. Tornatore. "This is especially important for auto accident victims. Pain from a car accident may not become evident until several weeks or months have passed. Unfortunately, this means that patients may settle insurance claims early, missing out on vital medical compensation."

Dr. Tornatore emphasized, however, that it is never too late for the body to heal. "While prompt treatment can minimize pain, we can always help our patients heal, even if the accident injury occurred many years ago," said Dr. Tornatore. "As long as a misalignment persists, patients will experience pain. By restoring alignment through gentle adjustments, we can relieve pressure on nearby nerves. This provides long-lasting relief without the need for medication or surgery."

The Corydon practice follows a whole body wellness philosophy, which means that Dr. Tornatore treats the entire body, rather than simply the symptoms of pain. Her treatments focus on providing immediate pain relief, correcting the underlying cause, and optimizing overall health.

Adult Nurse Practitioner Laura Casi works closely with Dr. Tornatore, bringing a multidisciplinary approach to pain management and patient care. As a nurse practitioner certified through the American Nurses Credentialing Center, Ms. Casi is trained in the management of chronic health conditions, including joint injections for pain management.

Harrison County Chiropractic serves Floyd Knobs, New Albany, Brandenburg. The practice provides spinal adjustments, corrective exercises, lifestyle advice, nutritional counseling and the HCG weight loss program for whole body health.

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