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Cosemi Technologies, Inc.

August 05, 2015 10:00 ET

Cosemi Makes Optical Connectivity Accessible; Breaks Barrier to Adoption

Ultra-High-Speed Connectivity Solutions Innovator Addresses Global Data Explosion Through Performance, Cost Advantages

IRVINE, CA--(Marketwired - Aug 5, 2015) - It's computing at the speed of light: the next generation of photonic connections is here -- and the future looks bright. Ushering in this next wave of optical connectivity is Cosemi Technologies, Inc., a global supplier of high-speed optical semiconductor solutions, whose fiber optic components and active optical cables form the building blocks for supporting today's unprecedented data growth.

The computational demands being placed on computer systems are reaching critical mass. Data traffic growth over communications networks is the main culprit, driven by bandwidth-hungry multimedia and video, the Internet of Things, cloud services, big data and more. According to industry analyst firm IDC, the amount of digital information produced in 2020 will grow to 35,000 exabytes -- which is 44 times more than what was produced in 2009. A faster, more cost-effective way to move the rapidly growing amounts of data is needed.

Fiber optics' ability to move enormous amounts of data at high speeds over great distances is well known. While not a new phenomenon, widespread adoption has been somewhat of a pipe dream, due to its cost prohibitive nature. The advantages of fiber optics over traditional copper cabling are many: greater bandwidth capacity, faster speeds, longer distances, security and reliability. 

Leveraging its long history of success designing and manufacturing optical components, Cosemi has found a way to remove cost as a barrier to adoption. Through innovative technology advancements and a high volume, fabless manufacturing approach, Cosemi delivers breakthrough cost and performance improvements to make fiber optics' enormous data carrying potential a reality. Leveraging a rare combination of supply chain efficiency knowledge and technical capability in high-speed RF and optical compound semiconductor design, Cosemi is on a mission to make optical connectivity -- and all of its benefits -- available to a multitude of industries, including industrial, commercial, B2B and consumer.

From design to production to manufacturing, Cosemi's optical solutions address pain points from a chip level to a module / subcomponent level, providing significant, lasting cost advantages to its customers. The first fabless optical component solution provider in the industry, Cosemi's core technologies are designed for large-scale manufacturability and leverage leading global partners. Bringing advantages in die design, packaging, scalability, and capital efficiency, Cosemi is redefining the optical component cost curve and enabling true broadband capability from core through the network's edge.

According to Cosemi CEO Dr. Nguyen X. Nguyen, the company has been working toward this goal since its inception in 2006. "Our goal was always to expand the applications that are able to take advantage of fiber optics," Nguyen noted. "By leveraging our comprehensive lineup of high-speed photo detectors and innovative packaging capabilities, we have found a way to do just that. Cosemi is focused on making this technology available to a wider audience, while still serving high-end markets such as datacom/telecom -- and further expanding into data centers."

Nguyen further notes that, with the amount of data generated in a single day now reaching exabyte levels, data centers will be among the leading adopters of fiber optics moving forward. "This explosive growth is especially challenging to data center infrastructures, which need faster connections and more bandwidth. To that end, network speeds are being upgraded from 1G to 10G at host connections and from 10G to 40G or 100G at switch connections. Our lineup of optical solutions supports everything up to 100G -- and beyond," added Nguyen.

Later in 2015, look for Cosemi to unveil its OptoHD™ HDMI Hybrid Active Optical Cable, which uses the company's patented technology platform to provide high speed connectivity for consumer devices. Cosemi will also engage with several large, national distributors to make its solutions available to a broader market.

Cosemi's lightspeed bandwidth capabilities support the unprecedented data growth of today and are future-proofed to ensure an optically connected world moving forward.

About Cosemi Technologies
A global leader in innovative high-speed connectivity solutions, Cosemi Technologies, Inc. is focused on enabling optical connectivity everywhere. Cosemi designs and manufactures high-speed fiber optic components and active optical cables that form the building blocks for infrastructures supporting today's unprecedented data growth. The company offers a comprehensive portfolio of quality solutions that service the Datacom/Telecom, Fiber-in-the-home (FITH), Home Entertainment, Fiber-to-the-Home (FTTH) and Consumer Electronics markets. Founded in 2006, Cosemi is the first fabless optical component solution provider in the industry, and the company's unique, unburdened business model allows them to pass on significant cost savings to customers.

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