September 13, 2010 13:00 ET

Cosmeceutique Nature Presents Alpharegul: the 1st Hair Loss Reduction Capsule Made From Natural Ingredients Is Now Recognized by Health Canada

MONTREAL, QUEBEC--(Marketwire - Sept. 13, 2010) - Cosméceutique Nature, a company based in Quebec, presents Alpharegul (, a capsule based on natural plant ingredients that works against abnormal or excessive hair loss. This is the first Natural Health Product with a NPN number (80013396) to be recognized in Canada with a claim such as "Helps reduce hair loss". As well as effectively reducing hair loss, Alpharegul has only negligible side effects.

Numerous benefits

Recommended for men and women, Alpharegul acts directly on the real causes of hair loss thanks to its natural ingredients, which include pumpkin seed oil, borage oil, nettle root extract, zinc and vitamin B6.

If the treatment is stopped, the benefits of Alpharegul on hair loss will continue. The capsules can therefore be consumed for three consecutive months, twice a year at a rate of twice daily. A box contains 60 capsules, which corresponds to thirty days of usage. Alpharegul is also affordable, with a year's supply totalling just $414 (if the treatment is applied as explained above). Furthermore, it can be obtained without a prescription.

Consequences beyond appearances

"When people lose their hair, they suffer on many levels", says Alain Vrain, cofounder of Cosméceutique Nature and a pioneer in the field of baldness. "We are pleased to offer them a product that has been specially designed to fight hair loss."

The word "suffer" used by Mr. Vrain reminds how suffering caused by baldness is felt inside the head as well as on top of it. Indeed, hair loss is something of a taboo subject that involves a range of psychological aspects. Some 75% of people who suffer from baldness have a negative perception of themselves. Hair loss may also have a negative impact on the quality of their social relations. In fact, 50% of people who lose their hair experience difficulties on this level. Two thirds of men are also more concerned by hair loss than by their weight or wrinkles(1).

"I discovered Alpharegul via the Norgil centers of capillary expertise. My hair stopped falling out after a few months", explains Mr Abasolo, an Alpharegul user. "I am completely satisfied with Alpharegul, especially since I feel no side effects."

The key role of prevention

Alpharegul capsules are particularly effective as a preventive measure. Mr. Alain Vrain is categorical: "Early prevention can reduce hair loss. It really is important to start preventive therapy at the first signs of baldness." In some cases, treatment can begin in patients who are as young as twenty years old. Some 80% of Alpharegul customers continue their treatment after the first three months, the period required to see the first beneficial effects. In addition, 89% of customers report that their hair loss significantly decreases. Following these encouraging results, 70% of users continue their Alpharegul treatment for several years(2).

Note that Alpharegul does not help hair grow back. The capsule is not effective for those who suffer from advanced baldness or for patients undergoing chemotherapy treatment. Alpharegul can be obtained at and in Norgil centers of capillary expertise (

About Cosméceutique Nature

Cosméceutique Nature is a Canadian company co-founded by Alain Vrain, a specialist in hair loss, and Melvin Dionne, pharmacist, a pharmaceutical consultant in natural health products with Health Canada. The company specializes in distributing natural cosmetics and cosmeceuticals, including Alpharegul, which has been fully tried and tested in Europe, and proven over the last five years with clients at the Norgil centers of capillary expertise in Canada.

(1) Van Der Donk J., Hunfeld J.A., Passchier J., Knegt-Junk K.J. and Niebaeur O., Quality of life and maladjustment associated with hair loss in women with alopecia androgenica, Soc. Sci. Med., 1994, 38, 159-163.

(2) Centres capillaires Norgil.

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