SOURCE: Diskeeper Corporation

February 03, 2010 11:50 ET

Cost Savings of Preventing Fragmentation

BURBANK, CA--(Marketwire - February 3, 2010) - In running a computer system, the last thing you want is to spend extra money and time to keep it up and running. Without the right tools though, that is what will happen. Valuable IT hours will be spent in chasing up performance problems. Hardware will become stressed through overuse and will have to be replaced. Network traffic will bottleneck causing a storm of help desk complaints and undone processes. Backups will take overly long and unexpectedly abort.

Actually all of the above problems have one common cause: file fragmentation. Files accessed in bits and pieces create performance slowdowns that affect the entire enterprise. Due to the extra I/O traffic, hard drives don't reach their expected life spans and wear out. Because files are being accessed in fragments, network traffic is heavily affected. Backups become much more cumbersome as files must be read and backed up in multiple fragments for each.

Scheduled defrag, especially in today's computing environments, does little to improve the situation. Many systems must remain up and running at all times, hence scheduling is a real chore that consumes IT time. In between the runs that can be scheduled fragmentation continues to compound, causing the manifold problems it always has. In fact, many sites that are still utilizing scheduled defragmentation constantly encounter the very symptoms of fragmentation that their "solutions" are supposed to be addressing.

Preventing fragmentation before it happens addresses all of these symptoms -- permanently. The only technology that can consistently eliminate fragmentation and all its issues is Diskeeper® 2010 performance software.

Utilizing a new revolutionary technology called IntelliWrite™ fragmentation prevention, Diskeeper 2010 intelligently writes files to the disk to prevent up to 85 percent of fragmentation from occurring. Coupled with superior defrag technology, Diskeeper 2010 delivers a complete performance solution for every Windows system at every site, and goes far beyond what defragmentation alone can achieve. Significant savings are also achieved by reducing energy consumption and cooling -- even more than is done with conventional defragmentation.

It is rare to find a solution that in and of itself provides such a broad cost savings advantage. Because Diskeeper 2010 prevents fragmentation before it happens, it is such a solution.

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