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Cougar Software, Inc.

February 11, 2014 08:05 ET

Cougar Software: Debt Management Enhanced with New Mark to Market and Deferred Finance Costs Amortisation Functionality

Debt Management, easier, quicker, and more accurate

TORONTO, ONTARIO--(Marketwired - Feb. 11, 2014) -

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Cougar Software, the provider of Real Estate focused budgeting, planning and forecasting solutions, recently released new functionality within its Debt Module that automatically calculates Deferred Finance Costs (DFC) and Mark to Market (MTM) and all required amortisations.

"Our ultimate goal is for users to be able to manage their debt from one repository and be more confident in covering the entire debt position as opposed to having to build and refer to multiple spreadsheets," says Gidon Kerbel, Chief Financial Analyst.

He adds: "Calculation accuracy is critical, as any DFC or Mark to Market calculation errors will have an impact on both the current and forecasted financial metrics (including returns). At first glance DFC and Mark to Market balances on one specific loan seem immaterial. But, when aggregated over a portfolio of 100 or more loans, the amount becomes substantial."

Users simply select one of the pre-defined amortization methods (Straight Line, Interest Differential or Proportionate Principal) for their DFC and MTM amounts and Cougar does the rest. Using its proprietary calculation engine, all the charges and the relevant details for accounting purposes-from initial draw of the loans to forecasted maturity of the loans across the entire portfolio of loans (both debt and assets)-are generated. Naturally, this includes month-end as well as payment-dated charges/entries.

Benefits to the user include:

  • Understanding the all-inclusive economic impact of your debt portfolio on your returns
  • Understanding the impact an early repayment on a loan would have on any DFC and Mark to Market balance
  • Users can now focus more time on the analysis and less time generating the report
  • All loan contracts, associated documentation and related financing costs are maintained and processed in a single repository - a big plus when dealing with hundreds or thousands of loans
  • The risk of human error, through the manual calculation of balances, is mitigated
  • Users can easily switch between Interest Differential and Proportionate Principal methods of calculation
  • Users can compare calculations simultaneously, rather than producing different schedules for each method and then comparing the two

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